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Psychic arianalive has 5-10 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic arianalive has recently helped 90 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about arianalive’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Let me help you live the life of your dreams! I will speak the Universal Wisdom to you and bring you exactly the piece of information that you will need at an particular moment in your spiritual journey to take your life experience to the next level.

I am a complete intuitive, psychic healer, and energy healer. I do not use tools or cards in my readings, but simply allow the universe to speak through me and offer you the most helpful information for you in that moment regarding any area of your life. I am here to help you live the very best life you can dream up for yourself!

I specialize in “course correction”; in a reading with me, not only will I give you a clear read on what is developing in your life experience (and the lives of others), but I also simultaneously do energy healing and psychic healing to ensure that your energy field is clear and your psyche is prepared to integrate the most awesome level of love and light possible for you.

I am a meditation teacher and master visualizer who will help you very clearly learn how to create the life you would like to live by using your conscious will and intention. Through distance healing, I also help to remove any obstacles you may be encountering to receiving the exact manifestation of the life of your dreams. My training in the energy healing arts and chakra opening help me to look into your energy body and identify blockages, entity attachments or leakages in your field. I will do a distance healing for you in order to clean and seal your energy body and auric egg so that you will be functioning at the highest level possible.

I am very friendly and lively, and always reading with love and peace in my heart…I will help you to understand what it is that life is bringing to you and help guide you when making important decisions – I will always give you the view of what is in the highest and best interest of you – and all beings. My view is an objective one – given as a synthesis of all available information (what I call the Universal Wisdom- the ALL that is.)

I am clarvoiyant and have strong telepathic abilities. I also speak the celestial tongue, which you may hear in the course of any reading/healing.


All work done with the strictest ethical integrity – only the highest and best interest of ALL beings is manifest.


Services I provide include:

“Seeing” the future – for you and others
Utakaso wa Aura
Energy body cleansing and repair
Chakra openings
Psychic healing (removal of any triggers going on in the mind, also helping release deep fears)
Uponyaji wa kihemko
Cord cutting (this helps us get beyond relationships that are no longer in our highest and best interest)
Astral entity clearing and extractions
Soul retrieval
Relational healing (facilitation of better, brighter relations with others through energetics)
Mafunzo ya Maisha
Coaching through spiritual awakening/increasing pyschic activity
Archetypal Energy Readings


My areas of specialty are:

Assisting you with decision making
Co-creation of your ideal life experience
Mapenzi na mapenzi
Relationships of any kind
Spiritual development
Careers and finance

I am currently writing a book on navigating the shift to higher consciousness.

I would like you to use this as a daily mantra: “I am light. I am love. I am infinite potential and I am realizing myself.”

Let me assist you on your journey!

In love and light,


Free chat guidelines:

If you would like to initiate a private reading at any time, please feel free to do so! In free chat, I will tell you about who I am, how I have developed, and give you an opportunity to ‘feel the energy’ to see if you would like to initiate a private reading. I generally do not answer “yes or no” questions here – as so little of life is actually “yes or no.” Please be patient if you ask a question as there are many people in free chat and it may take a while for me to get to your question. If you would like private attention, please do request a private reading.


Guests have said about me:

“As always, straight to the point, great advice, so easy to talk with…. will def be back!!”

“Great reading, very informative…and good advise.. Thank you very much.”

“Beautiful reading and soul!”

“Thanks for the positive energy!”

“She picked up my energy in a way that was incredible. I highly recommend Ariana!!”

“It was awesome to talk to you. I feel so much better. Thank you for all your help!”

“I enjoyed private chat with Ariana… She was spot on, very nice soul…”

“She was really positive and perceptive and had great advice. Thank for the great reading!”

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  1. She is the best in this site, i appreciate her she healed our relationship. Please take her to private, I am speechless. she is number one psychic of Oranum!” … written by arthur170684

  2. She was absolutely wonderful! She was not only descriptive, but also very spot on with where I was in my life and my current situation. She gives great insight, both down to Earth and astral. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much, arianalive! I will return! :)” … written by RuinofDarkness

  3. Ariana ty, that was so nice.. You were right on about him… I will keep you posted on what’s going on.. Ty for your healing and advice.. Very nice reading!” … written by beautifulmesss

  4. Wow!! Fantastic psychic! Sooo in tune, and alot of descriptive, in depth detail. Cant believe some of the things she could pick up on, her energy is off the wall too!” … written by ikroyal

  5. This was a very different, unconventional type of reading. It was very healing, very fun, very beautiful. Ariana is extremely intuitive and powerful in her manner of speaking angelic/energetic code language. I was very impressed with how well she tunes in. She saw my situation with precision and gave me some stellar feedback and guidance. She is absolutely lovely and I recommend her service.” … written by Palomina

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