Psychic AYLAROSALIA has 10-15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AYLAROSALIA has recently helped 43 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AYLAROSALIA’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Please READ my full profile to know exactly what I do to help others. 🙂 I’m a lightworker and work with Angels and their healing and helpful love. I use the Pendulum for your questions needing a yes or no answer (in my profile I wrote how this works). And below listed other ways to assist you. If you need any type of Spiritual Angel counseling or healing. You came to the right person. 🙂 The term psychic is like a tree that has many different branches. Im here to assist those in Enlightenment, healing and closure as a spiritual counselor 🙂 I can’t surgarcoat I have to be direct. Your looking for answers not flattery. But if you do want hope and feel at peace then let me spiritual council you with Angel healing. Please read on…..

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” ~Jesus

SCHEDULE: My schedule varies at the moment. But I will be returning to regular set hours soon. If you like my readings with you. Then please feel free to “save me to favorites” this will let you know when I am online. Also if you have any positive feedback feel free to leave it. So that I know I was of some help to you. 🙂 Please continue reading my profile. To know how I do my readings. So you know if I am the right person to help with what you are seeking. 🙂

NEW TO THIS SITE but not new to my gifts. Glad to be here to help others. Please read on thank you. 🙂 ……

EMAIL READINGS.. You can get readings from me even when I am not online through E-MAIL READINGS: Please don’t forget to state your DATE OF BIRTH for astrology purposes and in help with questions. Thank you. 🙂 E-mail readings are more in depth you can ask a question and state exactly what you want to know or get a very detailed horoscope astrology report. 🙂 You can tell me if you would like any of the healings I listed below, Angels help, spiritual counseling, negativity removal or protection, I can tell you how to see your own aura or how to cleanse your aura, chakra cleansings etc. Just state your situation and what you are seeking from me to help you. If you want a love compatibily horoscope please state that and also add your partners date of birth (or the person you have feelings for) along with your date of birth)…:) So just click the e-mail reading button. 🙂 I CHECK DAILY! Thank you :)! ……If I am not online and you want a e-mail reading from me. Just type AYLAROSALIA in the search option at the top of the main oranum page and it will bring you to my profile. Thanks 🙂

ORANUM has a disclaimer they asked all us workers to put on our profiles, read below…..

~*Oranum has a disclaimer that the provided Psychic services available on the site “are not recognized scientifically and therefore no results can be guaranteed. Said services are not fit for all purposes, they should be viewed as entertainment only”.*~


USES IN MY READINGS: (Depending upon what you are seeking).

*—Spiritual counseling
*—Chakra Cleansing
*—Crystal healing
*—Angel healing
*—Negativity removal
*—Energy stones
*—Candle reading (Ceromancy)
*—Candle color meanings and their uses
*—Aura’s (meaning of colors, teach you to see your own aura or aura cleansing)
*—Zodiac (Astrology) (I can do up a chart for you in the e-mail readings if you’d like)
*—Spirit removal from houses or dwellings. (Telling you how to help them to cross over. This can happen when a soul is attached to a certain place. Upon also feeling lost and confused.)
*—Pendulum (a tool that helps me give answers to your yes or no questions using energy and the higher self (intuition).)
*—Gypsy cards (cartomancy) 3 cards…past, present and future. (It’s the spread I use.)
*—Clairsentience (clear feeling)

PENDULUM! How does it work you may ask? I use the pendulum as a tool in helping read energies. It gives yes or no answers based off your energy. How can this be done online you may ask? The term, teleradiesthesia (direction from a distance), gives insight. For example, if you imagine your mind as being a combination radio & tv reciever & transmitter. Then think about a person, question or idea. You will become in tune with them and their energy. It reads off your charted energy. And helps give insight to particular questions. I connect very well with the pendulum as it aids in my intution in questions you seek.

I AM HERE TO ASSIST YOU IN ANY WAY YOU NEED ASSISTING. SO ASK AWAY! 🙂 Below you can read about what I do and the gifts I have and how I use those gifts to help those seeking. We are all gifted in many and different ways. Below I share my ways to assist you.


I am considered a Spiritual “Light” worker if you have ever heard that term before. I use my Heavenly blessed gifts to help others to the best of my ability. And to share, teach and council. A lightworker is an individual who is deeply in tune with their spiritual nature. All lightworkers believe in holistic living, and take an active interest in the environment and the health of the planet, body, mind, spirit. Lightworkers are very important because we are opening portals and connecting earth to many different places on many different levels. Lightworkers have particular soul qualities and skills that make it easier for us to access the beyond and facilitate in this pyschic way. This opening of channels makes it possible for others without these skills to also re-connect with other parts of themselves.

I am not out to change anyone’s religious or non religious beliefs. But I am simply explaining my gifts and how I use them for readings. Mysticism is acknowledged and used in many churches. As they recognize they are gifts from God and not negative gifts. Negative gifts, such as, the Old testament had forewarned to stay away from. Just as prophets could communicate with the Creator and with Angels. So can we all. And I was using the Bible as reference. Angels are documented in many religious texts. And they are non-denominational because they are with us all. No matter where we are in life. And any person who has acknowledged or been blessed with Psychic abilities and use them for the greater good. Are doing a good thing and using their gifts appropriately. Just as I intend to do. And as far as the blessed gifts. I have been gifted with some abilities that I can use to help you in whatever you are seeking. And below I listed different things I use to do readings. 🙂 So please read my full profile. Thank you!

*With Angel healing or as some say Angel therapy. Intuitive Spiritual Counseling may seem like a new term to many, but it’s origins are as old as time itself. Intuitive Spiritual Counseling is simply a method to learn to be in closer contact with your guardian angels and their advice. Angels have been giving advice on all issues since the dawn of time, there are many references in the Bible and other religious documents that indicate the help and advice of the angels. No where does our Creator say that you must have gone to school and become a religious servant to talk with the angels or even directly to the Creator. A close “best friend” relationship with the angels and our Creator is available to everyone right now, most just don’t know how to start. Intuitive Counseling is your first step to connecting with your own angelic support team and your higher spiritual self.


If you are seeking questions about your life and things you want to know then you came to the right Spiritual counselor. If you have unwanted spirits in the home who might remain because they are lost and you don’t know how to help them cross over. If you are suffering depression due to negativity in your life. If you are suffering physical pain, mental pain, or even stress or worries from your daily life. Come to me. Let me be your Spiritual Counselor. Someone to talk too. To vent too. Let me help you get rid of negativity in your life. Let me help you find balance.

I am a Spiritual Counselor so if you feel you need any kind of healing please do tell me so. And we can figure the best type of spiritual healing for you. Even if it’s healing with love life, family, home matters etc. Also, I answer questions about spirituality. I mainly like to help people feel better about themselves and help their spiritual growth and help others remove negativity in their lives. I am here to help guide you on a path of your own mental, physical and spiritual well being. I am not a doctor by any means. But positive spiritual enlightenment within yourself can have such wonderful healing powers.There are so many ways through meditations and spiritual rituals that can free a lot of negative energy. And we all know that in life we tend to carry some baggage with us from time to time that just needs released. Sometimes we need someone to guide us on how to do that. And I am more than happy to help.

ABOUT ME! 🙂 My spiritual username is AYLAROSALIA which means Heaven and Roses. 🙂 Me as a person. I enjoy spiritualism, spiritual counseling, photography, antique collecting among so much more. Your every day life pleasures of creating memories, traveling and having fun in general. Enjoying life to it’s fullest as we all should do. I obviously enjoy helping others. And I am a people lover and an animal lover. 🙂

REMEMBER ONLY GOD KNOWS ALL. Always seek God and your Angels. 🙂 God bless!

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
-Teilhard de Chardin

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  1. She has very positive energy to her. I enjoyed talking to her very much. I read a negative post on here in the feedback, I do know that the person that wrote that has to be crazy, but thats the internet for you. Ayarosalia is a postive soul, she would not say or be negative in that way. Don’t worry Aylarosalia you’ll come across all kinds of people on the internet. But I know after talking to you that you are a sweet positive energy out to help others. ” … written by Lillian55

  2. She has very positive energy to her. I enjoyed talking to her very much. I know after talking to you that you are a sweet positive energy person out to help others.” … written by Lillian55

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