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Psychic babyblueeyes34 has 30- years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic babyblueeyes34 has recently helped 279 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about babyblueeyes34’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello i am a very spiritual person, the reason for this is that i re-incarnated to quickly, i believe as i did really struggle with this, as i had very clear thoughts of my past life that shocked my adopted parents, and it realy affected my dreams that was not child dreams i had. The more i spoke to them the more they reserched it and found it to be true. The dreams i had over the years became premonitions that always came true, but they were of more worldly events than close friends and relatives, even though this did happen occasionaly. I also had people in cloacks of white and one red what lead me to study celtic/pagen books at 18. I always saw myself in a red cloak. At 13 i saw my first spiritual guide who advised me that it was the way my life was meant to be and i had a gift, I had to share with others. While this was happening i was seeing things around me that most people would not see and, in other people i could predict things for people that came true, and gave messages to people on this plane and help spirits move on. I also had have a great connection with animals and their thought pattern, I sometimes see peoples auras. I have predicted different things for different people through tarot and holding their items and sometimes pictures but i dont always have to use tools to get a prediction for the person, sometimes my spiritual guides work with there guides or loved ones. I have connected with people over the net without seeing them but just sensing them, or sensing what they have been feeling. I have worked with someone on an alter and given psychics/mediums a reading while being read.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that was amazing. Amazing reader, brought my nan through and got her name spot on, thank you so much! Absolutely brilliant, I’ll let you know what happens, God bless you! Thanks again! xx” … written by n4tive

  2. Outstanding expert she is indeed so gifted and very in tuned in my situation. She gave predictions and i’ll be waiting for that to pass. She is so patient in answering all my questions as well. Amazing reader.. thank you.” … written by home888

  3. Just incredible reading! Amazing ability to see and understand. She gave me details of my life, present and past that nobody else was able to. The future predictions made an absolute sense. So happy she is on Oranum. I will be back frequently and i highly recommend her. Five stars, no question!” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  4. She is amazing, she’s sweet, and picked up on things she could have no of knowing, I look forward to when her predictions happen! LOVE HER will be coming back again! (:” … written by punklove20

  5. Super accurate and detailed, went straight into it, really picked up on my situation and gave me great advice. Very calm and lovely to speak with too. The real deal, and very friendly. ” … written by moonstone2

  6. BabyBlueEyes is great, great, great! Really deeply claivoyant, deeply connected and honest. She can see what others couldn’t. Recommend her highly. She just gave me another increadible reading. I sure will be back.” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  7. Another great reading with Babyblue. She is such a wonderful and caring person. Babyblue was able to tap into my current situation and give me great advice. Give her a try. You will not be disappointed! Thanks Babyblue!” … written by E andamp;amp; M

  8. Great, great, great! What else can i say, she is brilliant. All she says is exactly as it was in my past, as it is in my present and as i believe it will be in the future as she makes all the sense in the world. Her advice is over the top perfect from psychological point of view. Her clairvoyant abilities are obvious from the second you start talking with her. Five stars and i will be back. Oh, might not be the most impolrtant, but she is sweet and fun to talk with.” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  9. Wow, I really enjoyed babyblueeyes. She was amazing, accurate, so freakin accurate. I loved her reading. babyblueeyes i will totally keep you posted. I hope after, my progress over the months, we can become good friends 🙂 ” … written by blueberrypigs

  10. She is wonderful and very lovely to talk to. Although the news is not what i want to hear, i appreciate her honesty. I love her chat room she has a wonderful feel about her. ” … written by welcometo99

  11. So happy to see babyBlueEyes back. Immediatelly went for reading and as always she was amazing! Very very good and deep connection. Great ability to describe my situation, people in my life, Just amazing. Five stars no doubt in my mind and hope she will be around more often.” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  12. Gr8 reading.. She was bk after some time and got updates. She told me exactly what was happening and what I need to do.. Wonderful insight.. Thank you very much once again!!” … written by hars

  13. Babyblue is such an amazing reader. She can tap into the situation immediately. She offers great guidance and advice. Give her a try. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much BabyBlue!!!!” … written by E andamp;amp; M

  14. Another great reading by BabyBlueEyes! She is just amazing. Her evaluation of my past and the present is exact and precise, with unbelievable detail and on top of it, she has very wise advice and a sweet friendly attitude. Her predictions for my future sound well grounded in my reality. I am beyond confident in her true psychic abilities. Five stars.” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  15. Babyblueyes was very accurate in my reading. She picked up very quick and gav details . Can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. Will definietly be back for more future readings…..” … written by Lucy117

  16. Great connection. Was a little bit different from what I have been told but nonetheless was a good reading. Connected really well, was really quick and answered all my questions in such a short time. Looking forward to predictions coming to pass. ” … written by angelloverose

  17. Awesome reading! Had computer problems and she didn’t seem to mind it. lol. Super sweet person and I really felt like she completely tuned into me. A lot of things I’ve seen in dreams (maybe premonitions?) had been confirmed. Was also able to give me a time frame, which is always useful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend babyblueeyes34, not at all. This was my first time and I really enjoyed it and appreciated her taking the time to do such a good reading. Take care!!!” … written by libra_indigo

  18. Fantastic! Lovely reading with lovely lady. Picked up on key words that were spoken this week and picked up on persons asked of very well. Predictions to look out for too! :)” … written by zebedeee39

  19. Another great reading, great! BabyBlueEyes is very good at reading even the tiniest little details in my life. Picks up on even the most subtle elements. Lover her, she is a very very good psychic. Five stars.” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

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