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Psychic CandiceKolbes has 5-10 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic CandiceKolbes has recently helped 183 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about CandiceKolbes’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a well established psychic with over 7 years of experience in psychic readings. I recognized my psychic abilities at the age of 8. My friend had come to me and asked if her parents, who were experiencing difficulty in their marriage, would split up. I foretold that they would experience a dramatic event that would take strength to overcome and would ultimately bring them closer together. The couple is still married to this date! I have been giving readings on a casual basis throughout my entire life. My main focus has always been love/relationships/finances, but I can read the energies surrounding any subject for my client and offer a successful and accurate reading. I have honed my psychic and tarot reading skills over the years and I know how to interact with my clients and provide them a positive and rewarding experience. I use the Guilded Tarot cards to channel the energy of my clients. Understanding and recognizing elements in a client’s past is one thing I do, and it helps me guide a client toward a successful future. The environmental and emotional energies surrounding a client’s present life also play a strong role in how a client’s future life will proceed. I can sense the issues that can cloud a client’s future or lead to a negative path, help my client understand and avoid those elements, and bring clarity to how the people in their life affect their energy. Seeing a client’s future path is just one part of what I do during a reading. If there are problems and pitfalls around the corner, I will help a client gain the clarity to avoid them, and embrace or find the positive energies that are in their path. My Tarot cards help me focus my energy and establish a connection with my clients. I take great joy in my gift, believe in positivity, passion and purpose, and always strive to help guide my clients onto a better path in life.

My Specialities include the following:
Relationships and Love
Biashara na Kazi
Lost Items
Psychic abilities
Spiritual Advisor and Coach

Clients often come to me with such questions as:

Will I reunite with a lost love?
Can I rekindle a past relationship?
How does my love interest feel about me?
Will I get the job that I seek?
Has he/she cheated?
Is there a long-term relationship in my future?
Will I have more money soon?
Will my business be successful?
Will I reconcile with an estranged friend?

I can answer these questions and more, as well as tell the client where his/her life is headed. I care about my clients, treat my clients with kindness and always offer a gentle reading. If there is negativity in a client’s present or future I will not only tell the client, but offer a path to a better future. I believe strongly in positive energy. The universe does pull us in certain directions, but we are also masters of our destinys. I will always guide my clients in the most positive directions.

Allow me to guide you and offer you clarity and focus in your life. Contact me now for a reading!

You can join me in a private consultation, or if I am not online and you have an urgent question that requires answering, please email me.

Take care and be well! 🙂

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  1. She was extremely informative as to the place I am in now and where the relationship is going in the future. She new things about my very personality. I look forward to giving more positive feedback about the future.” … written by katharazz

  2. Oh wow – what a wonderful young lady, she was confident in my reading and was soooo spot on! She confirmed what another reader had said and with ease. This lovely reader was so intuned with me and so very polite, warm and just friendly. Thank you so much, I will return with an update. A really superb reading, highly recommended, and that price too!!! ” … written by Jade50

  3. Wowww she’s just awesome and accurately hint the point. sort out all of ur current future and past issues so quickly… she’s the best psychic i know so far and pretty had a reading with her.. 🙂 bless u dear.. reg-z_star” … written by z_star

  4. Absolutely amazing! Yes it was a very positive reading and that helps but Candice was able to tap into facts from my life that were amazingly accurate and recreate a flow of accurance from the past that were like replaying a movie of my life for the past 3 years, which is what I wanted to focus on. Great, true to the facts and the predictions for the future seem so very well grounded in what would make the most sense based on the reality as i know it and as Candice was able to envision. Five stars no question and will be back, back, back. ” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  5. A very gifted young lady, who picks up so well, and provided in depth answers to my questions…she is really good, if you need some clarity in situations, give this lady a try, she is really clear and open. Thank you so much x” … written by Jade50

  6. I can honestly say… this girl is one of the best on oranum. I’m surprised she’s not more well-known!She is very quick to answer and give advice, extremely accurate, a good use of both cards and tarot, compassionate, and just easy to talk to. I’d defintiely come back to her again and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a psychic on this site.” … written by guriwo

  7. Candice answered all my questions before I asked:) Our private was simply awesome and she saw the situation and the near future perfectly clear. I will definitely be back for more:) Thank you Candice!” … written by LoveElly

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this woman. She is skilled, and excellent communicator, but more than that, she connected with the energies of myself and the one i was interested in. She blew me away with her knowledge and great advice.” … written by FrankJ

  9. Great reading, very accurate. Picked up on the situation perfectly and gave great insight and advice. Confirmed things I was thinking and feeling. Very gifted and caring person.” … written by warrenkitty83

  10. Great as always. I had many readings with Candice and each time it has been very detailed, very in depth and very much based in the facts from my past and present reading. Sound advice, strong connection. No question, 5 stars!” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  11. Candice once again thank you for your wonderful reading. You are amazing with reading the situation through your cards and giving me the direction that it will be heading in the future. Thank you!” … written by dallascowboys8

  12. Excellent reading, so kind and patient. Gave me a lot to think about and confirmed many things that i suspected. Very accurate and insightful person to talk to. Also, consistent from past readings which is good to know!” … written by warrenkitty83

  13. WOW she’s excellent, I love how she can keep pulling cards and tell as if it’s sort of like a story, she is very good with picking up energy’s as well. Thank’s a bunch Candice :)” … written by wishingstars1111

  14. Another amazing reading by Candice. Five stars. I keep going back because she is simply that good. Not only deeply intuitive but has amazingly psychological approach to her interpretation. It all makes psychological sense.” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  15. I find Candice amazing. She not only knows your situation she knows how you should handle it. Candice the only thing I wish is you were on more. Email me when you get on.” … written by FrankJ

  16. Another five stars reading with Candice. Very detailed, very analytical, very very accurate with much great advice and her typical warm calming and reassuring, positive attitude. She is simply great!” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  17. WOW WOW AND WOW, she is fast! She is awesome. I would consult Candice again. She tuned into my situation… Excellent. Give her a try, you will not be disappointed! Blessings.” … written by mslauren

  18. She read me pretty fast about what I should do. She sensed so quick about what’s going on. Just needed date of birth and everything flows from her reading. A lot of information I received from her. She gives lots and lots of useful advice and insight.” … written by blueberi

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