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Psychic danielleh has 20-25 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic danielleh has recently helped 77 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about danielleh’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello, I’m Danielle from London England. As a Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Counselor my role is to give you a plan of action in love, career, family and prosperity, are you ready?

Having presented on several live TV shows here in the UK my life is dedicated to show people how to unlock their inner potential and give them solutions that work.

WE are in a time of crisis internally and externally and my aim is to help you in the following areas.

♥ Do you wake in the morning feeling excited about your life?
♥ Are you stressed in your current relationship?
♥ Do you attract the same type of person over and over?
♥ Do you want to excel in your career?
♥ What do you want from your life, do you know?
♥ Do you gossip about others in order to feel better about yourself?
♥ Does your partner understand and respect you?
♥ Are you in the ‘right’ relationship and know where it’s going?
♥ Are there members of your family that you don’t speak to?
♥ Do you have unresolved childhood upsets that you want to understand?
♥ Do others interfere and dominate your life?
♥ Do you have a focus in your life?
♥ Do you sabotage the ‘good’ things in your life?
♥ Is this a good time to move house, change career and get healthy?

As a qualified Intuitive Counselor and Life Coach I blend my skills to give you a full package geared for your own personal use. I will share with you the reasons why relationships don’t work, why we attract the same type of men or women over and over again, why we sabotage ourselves, our careers and our loved ones.

You are supposed to be happy, you are supposed to be powerful and live the life you want. I can show you how to get there!

In my Private Sessions I use my own Intuition and the Ancient Technologies of Numerology, Card Decks and the Pendulum if desired. I deliver straight forward uncomplicated advice that will leave you with clarity, validation and understanding of who and what you really are.

Private Sessions are for answering personal questions only. Free chat is for general conversation. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Danielle Henderson NLP C.H. Dip

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  1. I love this reader to death she is so connected to the truth and her energy is bright and healing when giving her readings u walk away fulfilled and optomistic about the future even if its not what u wont to hear. She is my favourite of favourites on this site. Thank you Danielleh” … written by murdocca

  2. Thanks for your advise and the good reading. I wish everything will be good like you said. You’re so kind and very understandable….truly gifted. I will come back for sure xxx” … written by Pam_mie

  3. She is such a sweet, caring person with a big bright energy surrounding her, she is so accurate and gives you so much information to work with and make the right choices. Your a genius danielleh ill be back. She is one of the best readers on Oranum.” … written by murdocca

  4. I really enjoyed my psychic reading with Danielleh. She kept on hitting the nail on the head with so many of my life issue’s. So much detail and validations were given. Anyone seeking spiritual guidance and advice should defo come to this psychic for a reading. God bless 🙂 ” … written by ifte98

  5. Thank you danielleh, very helpful, loved the advice… will b back again some day n let u know the verdict…keep up the great work… highly recommended.” … written by casper36

  6. Danielleh is a beautiful and gorgeous being that is here with the genuine intention of being of service and connecting people with their guides/inner power. This was my personal experience and I can vouch that it was a VERY powerful healing experience, of love. Please try her and draw your own conclusion before spending money elsewhere…best of luck” … written by belladonna8

  7. Danielle is absolutely amazing, she picked up on things that no one else did. Thank you so much for your wonderful reading. Ill definitely be back to let you know how things went :)” … written by De5pina

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