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About Darklight13

Psychic Darklight13 has 10-15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Darklight13 has recently helped 176 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Darklight13’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I first realized I had the gift when I was 8 years old. I woke up and saw the silhouette of a man outside my window. I could see through him but the shape he occupied was as if someone had cut a screen in the shape of a life-sized man and had him from his shoulders up. Well of course I was scared, so I ran into my parent’s room and they said I was imagining things, but that I could sleep in their room that night. As I lay between them I saw two white round lights floating outside the window. I went to the window and lifted the shade and saw they were gone. I saw them till the moment I lifted the shade. That was my first experience.

When I was 14, I was up in Geneva, NY where my grandparents resided. My grandma had been sick lately but she was doing a little better. She was sitting in the armchair in the living room so I sat down about 6 or 7 feet from her and rolled a plush soccer ball towards her. She gave it a lively kick back. Mom called to us and said it was time for breakfast. We were sitting at the breakfast and she and I were being goofy. She said she was feeling tired so she headed to her bedroom to rest. No more than 30 seconds later she called out to us. By the time we arrived to the room she was gone. Her funeral was held a couple days later.

About a month after the funeral she came to me in a dream. I was walking down a hallway and then there was a door. I went through it and I was in the front of their house. I walked around back because I could hear the snipping of flowers being cut. I walked around back and there she was, snipping some sunflowers. The light shone on her in a way that made her seem to have a golden glow about her. She had a basket of the ripest freshest strawberries I’ve ever seen. She handed me the basket and told me to eat one. As I ate the strawberries, she told me I needed to get my grades back up to where they were and told me to take care of my mom especially. Her parting words were that she loved me and to say hi to my mom. As the vision of my grandma faded away I opened my eyes and my mother came in and said it was time to get up for school. I told her grandma had said hi.

When I was 18 and just starting college, I was in the cadet corps when I found out my dad had died. After he died I kept wondering if he was okay since he had committed suicide. So I had a recurring dream that I would enter their suite within the house and call out to him and he would not appear. Then one night he did and he was thin. He hugged me and said to stop worrying about him and that he was fine. As he walked away he got the same golden glow my grandmother had and disappeared. I know he is in Heaven with my dog Ruffi and my recently deceased cat Vinny thinking “Oh great, more animals to watch over.”

From the time I was 8 through now I have cultivated my abilities. I know that I am an intuitive empathic psychic. Here is a list:

* CLAIRSENTIENCE: The ability to sense/know things that happened in places (Inside and outside), and it’s basically the ability to know “what happened” in the area in the past.

* CLAIRVOYANCE: The ability to see the present.

* EMPATHY: Is the ability to sense another’s emotions, or change another’s emotions, or somtimes both. Some say the related gifts to these are mind and physical healing, and the ability to communicate with plants and/or animals.

* HEALING: This ability only manifests with telepathy and empathy. It is the ability to heal by using the energies of the mind.

* PRECOGNITION: Is the ability to sense, see, and/or hear things that may occur in the future, it is often accompanied by another gift. Precognition often manifests itself in dreams, visions, flashes, hunches, or just “knowing” what is going to happen.

* PSYCHOMETRY: Is the ability to pick up images, emotions, and histories from both objects and places, by holding an object like a bracelet, or even touching the ground.

* RETROCOGNITION: Is the ability to be able to see, hear, sense, or hear things that happened in the past, it also increases your chance of seeing your own past lives and connections with others.

* TELEPATHY: Telepathy is the ability to read thoughts, commonly surface thoughts. People with high telepathic abilities are unable to live around highly populated areas because of their sensitivity to thoughts, and sadly, they are also very, very, prone to headaches.

* SPRIT GUIDES: I have two spirit guides that I have around me. One is a skunk and the other is humanoid in the shape of a man.

TRIVIA FACT: Skunks are known in western mythology to ward away evil and to purify.

Nina utaalam katika:
* Love (Dating & Marriage)
* Relationships (People around you)
* Career
* School

* Cartomancy (use of non-tarot cards): I have used all sorts of decks (Playing cards and sometimes even Pokemon cards (haha)).
* Pendulum
* Spirit guides give me information too


First the admin sends me a 10 minute warning. As that happens I know you all will begin to flood my room. My spirit guides will choose 5 people. Each of those 5 will receive one card. Remember that one card pulls are general and can be vague so if you want more details you will need to take me into a private reading.
Hii ndio sheria:

* No asking for a card. My spirit guides will choose 5 people.
* No Talking Once the demo begins. Be respectful to those who receive a card.
* No taking me into a private reading until I am done. I would like to make sure that all 5 people get their card first.
* If you are cruel or rude you will be kicked from the room.

* No asking for a card. I will at random times go down the list until I’m taken into a private chat.
* No foul language or cursing. You will be kicked from the room.
* No being mean or cruel or rude to others. You will be kicked from the room or banned if it is really bad.
* I am willing to answer one question. But if you want more details or anything deeper it must be done in a private chat.
* Respect me and the people in my room


* I’ve gained wisdom from so much that has happened. Though my experience professionally is short, I’ve been doing this since I was 8. I’m only going to tell you the truth. Sometimes the answer isn’t want you want but what you need. It is important to remember the difference. I also realize i’m human and not perfect. So please remember the decisions you make are ultimately yours and yours alone.

* I’m able to do many things but ultimately if your heart and mind aren’t in it I can’t help you. I only deal with the serious people.

* Yes I have been able to turn a skeptic into a believer.

* I do believe that God gave us all gifts for a reason. I believe that the stones and elements we use are natural. I have a lot of faith, and have been told that I have a pure heart.

* I cannot promise that I will always be right, but I promise to give you the insight you need to ultimately make your own choice.

* Thank you for reading this and giving me a chance. I look forward to building a connection getting to know you and building a relationship with you.

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  1. Very nice person….. gave me a great reading and would love to get another reading from her again soon! Very Good at answering all questions to me the things that I thought I only knew!! Thanks for such a great reading” … written by bennysgurl82

  2. She was great spot on with my situation, Told me what I needed to do that would make things even more positive. So I feel great about the future. ” … written by illwoodz21780moo

  3. She is very helpful and tells you just how things really are. She uses regular cards which impressed me and was very accurate. The thing I like most about her is her willingness to help people. She is very sincere. She is a 5 star psychic and person :))))” … written by cassie52

  4. I was blown out of my chair. Liz was amazing. Her cards tell you what is happening around in my life and gave me so much clarity and hope to a better and brighter future. Thank you!” … written by maxwellsmart66

  5. She is amazing and accurate!!! The best of the best!! She picks up fast and everything she said makes sens. You truly helped, thanks!! It just amazed me how spot on and accurate she is and sweet and caring too! Hugs! :-)))) ” … written by ale510

  6. OMG?? darklight is so good and so calm in her private readings and she says she is usally right in her reading so we shall see??I pray to God that her prediction happens for me and cant wait to give her that update when it happens!!! thanks again for all your help and advice,,, talk soon..” … written by Karen

  7. This reading was full of blessings, I could feel the calming presence of Spirit. Darklight is sharing her abundant knowledge and spiritual gifts, which have in turn blessed me. Thank you, a client always. ” … written by BraunWynn

  8. Wow, wowwww.! She is amazing, to the point and tells you details on everything.!!! I really enjoyed the reading with her and I will come back again.. And she’s awesomeeeeeee…!!!” … written by SWEET84

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  10. She’s one of the few that truly pair tarot (or other methods of divination) with her own abilities. Not nly that, but she was insanely accurate and gave great advice. Often times, you are told what is just in the cards but not how to go about it. However, with DarkLight13 I felt as though I was receiving help from a friend. She was truly great help and I will come back to her again. I also recommend her for anyone who wants to deal with someone honest, knowledgeable, and friendly. ” … written by guriwo

  11. Darklight is a true lady. I found her reading to be smart and on the money. She is full of compassion and kindness and I got a lot out of her reading 🙂 Thanks Dark! :)” … written by sunnysmile

  12. Darklight may be young, but one of the best readers I have come across on Oranum. Very insightful, incise, honest and detailed. I was able to establish a strong connection with her from the start. Highly recommend this reader.” … written by moonstone2

  13. She’s awesome! I love her spirit. She offered great advice. Things she has said have already came to pass. Loved talking with her. Will keep her updated!” … written by tbrooke2012

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