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Psychic DreamsFulfilled9 has 10-15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DreamsFulfilled9 has recently helped 163 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DreamsFulfilled9’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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“An excellent and honest Life Coach and Intuitive with a global private practice, she has helped countless students and clients gain clarity, focus and fulfillment of their dreams!”

Welcome to DreamsFulfilled9! Thank you for taking this opportunity to read my profile.

I was born with the quest for the meaning of our existence ingrained in me, as well as the understanding of past lives made clear from the moment I had my first thought. From a very young age, I was also aware of “senses” that I later learned were considered esoteric by society. Thinking in retrospect, I am very thankful to have been assigned an independent spirit, as well a path of long and intertwining roads of familial and societal challenges and upheavals that only drove me to seek more and more of My Truth, Self-Realization, and a glimpse of Nirvana.

Today, I present myself to this world with the Intent to Heal, by facilitating change towards Pardon, Acceptance, Hope, Faith, Abundance, Love, Joy and Peace.

I Offer The Following Services:

* Intuitive Reading. This is to identify your blocks and challenges; counsel on your alternative earthly and/or spiritual paths; and find clarity. This is done free-flowing. Meaning, I do not use tools such as Cards and such. To start the Reading, I ask for the questioner’s name, birthdate, location, and a pointed question.

* Energy Healing. This is to unblock life and physical challenges to move you forward to the next and natural phase of your life.

* Dream Fulfillment Workshop. This is interchangeable with life coaching, or as some might call it, a mental-emotional-spiritual workshop towards dream fulfilment. This is an industry that has tremendously grown in the last decade. I work with students to help them achieve specific goals and dreams. Even create Miracles. To teach you how to Become a Creator, Not a Victim. We start by determining what your blocks and challenges are; your priorities, values and dreams in life; what you most want and need right now in order to achieve the results and outcome you desire. Be it a complete expansion of your life, getting unstuck, going after a dream job or ideal career move, and/or finding the ideal Love that you desire and deserve. The possibilities are endless! It is all up to you. What do you strongly desire? How do you want to see yourself a couple months from now? … Once that is established, I help you develop a regimen through cognitive reflections, practices and accountability to help you move from where you are right now, to where you want to be. Therefore, to make your dreams a reality in a sustainable way … This workshop was developed, tried and tested by me. I dare say my beautiful life today is a testament of this workshop – from having a truly loving and wonderful family, all truly and happily pursuing each’s calling and desires in life; abundance and affluence; as well as my beautiful relationship with my life partner. And more. These blessings did not happen by chance. These were ALL Intended … I also have a global and private practice helping individuals achieve the same.

* Intuitive Development Workshop – I have taught and trained other raw-talented psychics/ intuitives on how to develop their Gifts with concise instruction, as well as how to manage, and turn this practiced gift into the gift of Healing and Creation. To turn things around in life, to bend energy and navigate energy to encourage one’s desired life path, and to help others. To understand and constructively work with the Laws of the Universe. As I have stated above, to facilitate Pardon, Acceptance, Hope, Faith, Abundance, Love, Joy and Peace. One Intention at a time. One person at a time.

Good day, and come see me! 🙂

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  1. Dreams was great, I had problems with my partner and she put my mind at ease and asked me if I able to put up with his personality which is something I need to address. She was very helpful at a worrying time for me,” … written by Pollyana

  2. Dreams is very accurate and it doesn’t take her long to tune into your energy. She answered some of my most burning questions and her predictions were right! Give her a try she’s wonderful and quick.” … written by sapphire456

  3. Dreams is an awesome reader. I had some concerns about my gifts and she provided me with so much clarity and I felt really comfortable sharing my concerns with her. I will be back again to get another reading and I will follow the advice that she has given me. I’m so happy that things are clear to me now, it is a big relief ! :0)” … written by sapphire456

  4. Warm and wonderful personality … Direct and honest … Accurate about the present and past. We will see about the future … But for now, she gave me so much clarity. Thank you!” … written by NovemberSummer7

  5. Dreams is lovely and wonderfully gifted…she is totally honest doesn’t sugarcoat but is very tactful and caring had great reading with her and highly recommend you all to take her pvt….I will be back for future readings….” … written by marion

  6. Very honest, caring and listens to her being…she will point you in the right direction no matter what it may take! she is gifted in compassion and understanding what you need and gives you the steps to take in order to get it!” … written by lovebugshay

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