Edgar Cayce Jinsi ya Kukuza Uwezo wako wa Psychic [FULL VIDEO]

Edgar Cayce’s definition of psychic forces would be found by comparing the finite and the infinite. These convey entirely different impressions to our minds. Cayce says he finite mind pertains wholly to our faculties or abilities—which may feed the soul, provided we give it whatever may build to sustain its life. But the infinite mind, about which the first question would be, “How can you know the infinite?” cannot be discerned through reason.

Edgar Cayce said it is the finite mind which tries to reason, to distinguish and to define by comparison—processes which are only a portion of the faculties called psychic forces. Thus infinite mind is outside the realm of ordinary reasoning. We can comprehend the infinite only by a faculty that is superior to reason. That faculty is the psychic force. One must enter a state in which the finite self no longer exists!
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  1. I don't dream and haven't for a very long time now, I believe it's because I don't sleep well. I have had what I'll call visions one was I briefly saw ( like a short clip from a movie with no sound me teaching about a shrub of some sort. The other vision I had I should have written down right when I woke up! I told my husband who wasn't terribly impressed but I was show three dates and what the world looked like each time, wasn't pretty at all and the last date which I do believe was 2052 all I saw was dry dirt and tumble weeds rolling by, no people, no animals, no insects, no life basically. I wasn't scared it's as if I was viewing movie clips.

  2. I had X-ray that proved I had a large mass in bladder. The night before surgery my priest blessed me with holy healing oil (Catholic) and the next day more X-rays before surgery and I was sedated but my doctor found nothing there and spake with my husband before I was awake and confirmed that I was anointed by my Catholic priest the night before and concluded I was well!

  3. When we are happy or in high frequency energy, we are one, Now is one, either I can feel separate or One, How I have to see you in order to be one ? – follow the way where I am one. How do I know ? Feelings is our indicators, the first manifestation of a thought. When I care that I stay in any situation, in thought, in acting, in believe happy, joyful peaceful, loving – I am one. Love is feeling One. Fear is melting away, when I am not fighting it, but allow and love it.

  4. I've had dreams that are not remembered until the very moment they become real. the weird thing is when I realise the present moment I dreamt about is coming real after 3 to 5 seconds the real moment changes direction from the dream and the dream I had continues to be remembered. like I knew what was going to happen, What do you make of that?

  5. Einstein proved that the past is still there the future already exists…now we still have freedom of choice and the future is not certain but it already exists….I don't understand it but relativity shows my now is not your now but another man very far away from Earth but moving toward earth shares a now moment with our earth past if he turns and moves away from Earth he shares a now moment with earth's future. if he stands still his now is our now….crazy but proven…and goes to show we do not understand quantum mechanics near as well as we could….the answer to making sense of why our future is not predetermined but already exists is in quantum mechanics.

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