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Psychic EmpathicKareBear has 10-15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic EmpathicKareBear has recently helped 279 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about EmpathicKareBear’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a 5th generation clairvoyant, intuitive and empathic reader. I can help with issues such as: Love, Career, Past, Present, Future, Problems, Delays, Concerns, Questions, Guidance/Advice.

I am skilled in: Spells, Energy Readings Cleansing Healing, Guided Meditations, Clairvoyance, Intuition and Empathy

I use the following tools: Pendulum, Tarot, Spirit Communication Board, Incense and Candles

***FREE CHAT: is an area for us to build a basic connection. If you have any questions concerning my abilities or what is done in free/private chat. This is an area for us to share information and get to know one another better. This is not an area for me to give you free readings or advice. Upon my discretion I may choose to give one free card or answer one free question in my free chat area, please understand I do this to build an initial energy connection with you. THIS IS NOT A READING. I alternate free question or free card and sometimes use spirit communication board to give each person a message from the spirit realm. I do this because I want too, this is not a neccessity, this is a GIFT to the members! I go down my list, in order of who came into the room first, so first come, first serve. Please be respectful and wait your turn, I will call your name when it’s your turn. If it’s been a long time and you feel I may have skipped over you, by all means please ask when it’s your turn. If you do not greet me when I greet you, I will skip over you in line, until you speak to me directly. Do not ask for a question, card or demo. I will give each person the opportunity for a turn!

***EMAIL READINGS: The information I need for these readings are the question you need answered, or issue you need clarified. Your first name and date of birth is also very helpful so that I can make a more accurate connection with you. I will get back to you with a detailed answer within 48 hours of your sent request.

***DEMOS: Please be respectful of the person(s) receiving the Demo and DO NOT TYPE. I choose for the Demo in different ways each time. Sometimes I have the members choose a number, color, shape, animal or letter. Also, sometimes I choose someone at random or whom I feel needs it at that time! Please understand I’m not ignoring anyone during this time, I’m getting through the DEMO in an orderly fashion and addressing only the one(s) selected for it at that time. I will return to chatting with everyone as soon as I’m outside of demo time.

***PRIVATE READINGS: Please have questions/concerns/issues written or typed so that they will not be forgotten and you can use this area to type or write the answers I give and reference this in the future. I use a combination of my abilities and tools for each private reading depending upon the needs of the situation. I generally use my clairvoyance for private readings, unless you specifically request tools to be used.

I will give you what I see/feel and only be honest. The many issues of everyday life can be stressful. I turn to tarot and other tools for clarity and guidance so that the best decision can be made. I have been giving readings for years for friends and acquaintances. I am an empath, which means, I am sensitive to others’ feelings/emotions. I am clairvoyant, which means I can see words or images that can help me to better connect with your situation. I am intuitive, which is a “gut feeling” or perceiving the right path/decision in a situation. I also have premonitions/prophetic dreams about future events.

I am a nurse by profession and although I no longer work as one I do keep up my credentials. I enjoy helping others, whether that be giving them guidance for life’s journeys, or helping them recover from illness. I find that helping others’ not only makes them happy but also helps to make me happy too!

All people have a path. Everyone must find their way through life, enduring their own hardships along the way. Let me help you uncover the answers you aren’t sure about, or the truth about the confusion of emotions you may feel due to the current situation. Please let me help you, by giving you a private reading today!

Why I am with Oranum:

Being spiritual is a choice. Being spiritual is realizing the lessons you have learned and applying them to your daily life and being wise and using this knowledge to make the decisions of daily life. We as humans, go through many lessons in our lives. I have been to my lowest moral point, and I have seen the person I allowed myself to become. That was an ugly truth to face. The person I said I never wanted to be, I had become. I allowed myself many errors of judgment and hurt several people I love dearly. I can say I am sorry for the hurt I caused, but I cannot say I am sorry for the reality slap and the lessons I learned from those situations. There have been many occurrences in life, where I can look back only now and see where I failed those around me. I can now say, after being able to see myself through my spiritual eyes and reflect inward, I saw a lot of darkness and a cold heart. I saw an indifferent person that used people for her gain and didn’t give back.

You may think of me as horrible for the actions I did and the hurt I caused, but this is just opposite. I am this person today because of these actions. It is unfortunate that hurt was caused to the people I love and care for. However, these hurts I reflect on today, have shown me a wisdom I can never be unaware of again. The love for these people has never faded and is only raging stronger in my heart today than ever before, because of these realizations. I cannot put them into words; for they are of a higher consciousness. I can only say that I have learned multitudes.

Being a psychic and truly accepting my gift has allowed me to give back, pay the kindness I have been shown back to the world. Being a psychic has shown me how beautiful people are, because I don’t normally see the people on the other side of my chat room, I can only feel the energy they give out. I had once lost hope in the world, in the people of this world. For all the fighting and anti-peace rebellions are constantly going on. There are also those that seek only to be loved, just like myself. They want so badly to be known for who they truly are, not only to others, but also themselves. Every part of them wants to please their loved ones and truly know love. They want to express it and genuinely receive it.

There of course, are those that choose to mock this gift I have and share with the world. They are entitled their opinion. But please, if you are one of them, leave your mockeries to yourselves. I do not confront you and make fun, please do not do this to me. If you do not choose to believe this gift is real, okay I accept that, but please do not come interrupt the people that are here because they know it is real and genuinely need help.

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  1. EmpathicKareBear, Was so insightful and in-tune to my current situation. She truly gave me peace and hope. She has a caring and wonderful gift/gifts. I suggest you have a reading with her soon. You will not be disappointed. I rate her 5-STARS!” … written by hazedpurplemoon

  2. I stopped by Empathickarebear by accident and was right away drawn to her energy. I ask if she connected to my energies in her chat room, she said a few things regarding my past and I knew immediately, she did connect. Went to private and i had experioenced a great psychic and a great human being in Empathic. She told me things regarding my life and my relationship that I could identify as being exactly so and predicted my future in terms that made an absolute sense. Not sugar coated but still optimistic and firmly grounded in reality. I am confident, she is exactly right, you just feel when things are right and you feel, when they are not…this feels right. I highly reccomend her, she is a great reader, you can see how she reacts to the visions that come to her and how she is trying to unravel those. Real thing here, go for private, so well worth it!” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  3. This psychic is very genuine and VERY empathic. Her ability to connect on a spiritual and mental level is impressive and reassuring. I have felt uncomfortable or totally disconnected with other psychics, but EmpathicKareBear was exactly what I was hoping to find in a reader. No one can know every detail of your life like they are reading a book about your future, but they can connect with you and guide you from where you two meet…she is one of those people able to do this. Thank you.” … written by somnia2103

  4. I was hesitant at first to use a reader I was unfamillar with however I needed someone to talk to. She was so on the ball, so sweet and picked up exactly on my situation perfectly! If it wasn’t for her words today I would have spent the night in tears! I strongly suggest a reading through her as she is beautiful and definitely knows her stuff!!” … written by crystalmarie86

  5. She was very accurate. Very friendly and most amazingly it takes her only few seconds yes, only a few seconds, just to pick up your energy and connect to you. Very professional, and very positive. A perfect advisor, and she is just awesome!! You must take her.” … written by Old Soul

  6. The insight was delivered in a gentle and loving manner. I would love to know more, and I would def come back to spend private reading time with KareBear. The one thing I wonder about is if I am just sending the energy towards what I want to hear….” … written by SearchingAngel

  7. She is great,honest, fast,explains he good and the bad and what s to do , do have a pvt with her she is awesome and hit everythng dead on..thank u 🙂 i will be back in a week with update…Huggggs” … written by newhorizons12

  8. This lady was amazing, she really explained things which made it easy for me to understand. Very honest and genuine, she knew exactly what was happening and what i needed. Please try her out, you wont regret it. ” … written by YourOnlyLullaby

  9. She was great and to the point. She picked up on everything going on in my life, and gave me the details I needed to move on happily with my life. I had a great connection with her and enjoyed her service. Love this girl, I recommend her to everyone!” … written by Lily

  10. I had a general reading with her, and she was spot on about me. She gave me great advice about how to move forward in my life. Relationship is looking good, too! Yay! Highly recommend!” … written by wing-mei

  11. She was right about everything. She was very nice and She is very good at everything she does. I will love to have another session with her one day. She is an amazing person all over. I asked a question about my boyfriend, she guesses that he wanted to go to a technical collage and she was right. She helped me a lot in moving on. And is helping me make peace with myself and other. She is very selfless. I recommend her to everyone.” … written by skylie1213

  12. Very helpful. I enjoyed the way she seemed to feel what was going on and had answers I needed. She was easy to talk with and I felt I could share and I appreciated the honesty. I have a better understanding of things without the negativity and frustration I was feeling before. I enjoyed my experience and would go back with more questions, if need be.” … written by NerualElbow

  13. Very sweet and accurate. Picked up on health issues and family scenarios going on as well. I feel very comforted by EmpathicKareBear! Truly one of a kind. :)” … written by pandapuppy

  14. EmpathicKarebear Is an AMZING reader and has incredibly postive strng energy. I shall come back to her always when I need help with something. I consider it a wonderful blessing to have met such a wonderful person on oranum.” … written by SweetMissK

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