Psychic EVELINAGUIDANCE has 10-15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic EVELINAGUIDANCE has recently helped 146 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about EVELINAGUIDANCE’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a spiritualist and a spiritual counsellor. I have had my psychic abilities ever since I was a child. As a mature adult now, I am motivated to provide guidance and spiritual counselling to those in need. I am passionate about helping people and enabling them to find their true potential as well as inspiring them to make life-affirming choices. It is an honour and great privilege to be able to provide this support to people in times of need. I wish to continue on this path of illumination as I find it very humbling and transforming simultaneously. It is very rewarding to serve as a catalyst in facilitating positive change in a person’s life. I am commited to this work and aspire to motivate and inspire others. Psychic abilities are innate qualities which we all possess. It will give me great pleasure to be able to share some of my wisdom and experience with others in order to reach their full potential. I wish to be given an opportunity to demonstrate my suitability in providing this service to all people that visit oranum.

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  1. This was my first reading with this psychic. She was amazing. I started out with a general reading of my career situation, she was so accurate. Next, she gave me specific details about my current company and my future employer. I am shocked at how accurate and warm her readings are. She is a lovely lady, and I will return for more advice in the near future. ” … written by wee318

  2. I really enjoyed my reading with this psychic. She is extremely accurate and quick with her advice. She is truly a genuine psychic with amazing abilities. If you need clarity, this is the psychic you should consult. ” … written by wee318

  3. She was good. Easy to talk to and listen to. The first session got messed up because the of the microphone/camera icons. With most systems, you go in automaticalluy. I didn’t realize I had to push buttons to go onto her screen live. So we wasted a lot of time. Started getting somewhere in the second session but then it was over. Shame.” … written by RichardK

  4. She was very warm and engaging… Great reading full of good advice and truthful intuitions. Would recommend her. Thank you so much for being you and for clarifying my emotions and my life. :)” … written by answers28

  5. Evelin was wonderful. She immediately picked up on my feelings, my situation that is bothering me at the moment. She gave me wisdom andamp; what to look forward to my future. I trust her completely she was lovely and amazing. Thank you Evelin as I will be back again.” … written by greekgoddess71

  6. I just spoke with this amazing psychic. She is charming, accurate, and compassionate. She revealed information about my upcoming career possibilities. I can not wait to see the outcome. I will return later for more guidance. Thank you so much for your help.” … written by wee318

  7. Another wonderful reading with Evelin. Not only is she a wonderful psychic, but she is an amazing person who feels your pain andamp;amp; grief and gives you advise through her beautiful warm smile. Thank you again!” … written by greekgoddess71

  8. She is the most sensitive person I have ever talked to. And she has answered a question i wasn’t even dare to ask, and now – i konw what to do. Thank you Evelina!” … written by waterlover

  9. Just had another amazing reading with Eve. She can pick up on my energy and tell exactly how to manage my situation. She is extremely accurate and sharp in her readings. ” … written by wee318

  10. Always able to pick up on my situation and bring clarity to the situation. I always leave her readings with a new understanding of my problems. I appreciate having a genuine psychic to guide me in my troubled times. Thanks Eve.” … written by wee318

  11. She is excellent. Wastes no time and write to the point. Her price is probably high because she is so fast with her answers. She is actually cheaper than some of the lower priced psychics because of her speed. If you want FAST answers. This is the one.” … written by timothy

  12. Absolutely great! I really loved the reading with her. She was radiating of positive energy and offered me the best advices. I’m really thankful for her. She can be your best friend, best spiritual advisor, best helping hand. Trust her! It worth it.” … written by okalulu

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