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Hilda Miles, a RN of 37 years in traditional medicine and 27+ years as a severe Alternative Metaphysician, is an acclaimed intuitive empath and has been referred to as ‘A Psychic’s Psychic’ and a ‘Cosmic Spiritualist’ by local circulars in Queens- NY, Asheville-NC and Greenville-SC. She’s made several appearances on local radio and Public Access TV, relegating Alternative modalities with live demonstrations emphasizing personal exploration specifically utilizing personal experimentation AS the authentic catalytic test for desired change.
She was raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains along the South Carolina / North Carolina border, by her Cherokee heritaged father and black Irish mother whose heritage was that of mysticism as well. She comes from a long line of mystics, healers and theologians. In her early childhood and preteens, Hilda was mentored by the only surgeon in town along with 4 ‘old-timey’ General Practitioners who took advantage of and cultivated her empathic skills, in a medical setting when “healing” was an art!
As a child, she had a lingering fascination with bacteria and the unseeable world through a microscope which was the precursor of the development and cultivation of her “GIFT”! As Universal principals would have it, her world was set and meant as one of medical, AS the-art-of-healing and interpretation of correlations at large. Hilda had an unusual knack for ‘remembrance and recall’ of any and all facts surrounding her personal experiences. Her father and the Doctors spent endless hours, weeks, months and years guiding, instructing and instilling their personal research data and findings into her ideals, her methods of interpretive consciousness, specifically so she would take “it” into the future with her providing preventive medicine and techniques to achievement of self-healing.
After moving to New York City and after establishing herself in the late ‘80’s, she began spending what evolved into several years conducting molecular research in multiple jungles and polar caps in an acceptable attempt to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine. These findings without doubt also serve to deepen and intensify her empathic skills as a cellular-interpreter, providing enormously accurate past-life sequencing which translate into both present life patterns which greatly influence future outcome(s) in destiny-life paths.
She is also a registered member of ‘The Queen’s Psychic Club’ of Flushing, NY since 1989 and holds certifications in James Hyman’s ‘Deep Emotional Release Bodywork’, ‘Sensory Enhanced Enlightenment’, Spiritual Counseling, spanning 1989 – 2011. In 2002 Hilda became a Certified Emotional-Freedom-Technique Specialist, using this technique as an adjunct to ALL other healing-modalities with great success, when undertaken as a ‘tool’ of accelerated desired change.
During her extensive travels, Hilda conducted frequent lectures throughout Europe, Latin America, Canada and select locations in Mexico reveal her findings regarding molecular vibrations and our intrinsic connection to the ‘Invisible World’ surrounding and connecting us all.
After returning from New York City, she spent time acclimating to her childhood world assisting her mother into the Nether World utilizing many of the principals she gleaned, cultivated and perfected as part of her Alternative Medical Modalities.
After the dust settles, Hilda moved to Asheville-NC and worked as both Director of ‘The Attunement Center’ and a resident psychic for “Mystic Journeys” in Asheville, NC from 2004-2009 and filled-in as resident psychic / medical intuitive at “A Far Away Place” downtown Asheville, NC, spring-summer 2010. Her intermittent work with Hans King was dispersed throughout this time-frame as the majority of that work was by phone and/or Skype in differing time zones.
Ms Miles also holds a BA in English from USC-Upstate ’75, plus multiple medical certifications in adjunct to her RN degree.
Working also as a personal care-giver to a vast array of physically disabled clients in the privacy of their homes, she often acts as a consultant for agency specific references from within community environments.
She actively volunteers at a local TV station as a ‘Prayer Partner’ using this as an out-reach method of counseling to ‘teach’ people who believe their options are limited or void.
As more and more belief systems point to doom and gloom, Hilda endeavors to meet people where ‘they’ are, assist, bridge and reveal apparent options that fear based religion, fear based medicine and fear based government attempt to mask and block from the natural expression of the individual imagination and consciousness, as a natural birthright to choose.

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