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Psychic Galadriel41 has 15-20 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Galadriel41 has recently helped 132 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Galadriel41’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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PLEASE read my profile before you come to freechat. I am not a fortune teller. I will not tell you the exact hour and minute when the telephonecall comes you are waiting for. But if you want a big positive change in your life than I am here to help you with 15 years of experience of:
The ancient path of TAROT CARDS and ANGEL CARDS. After finding the right decision for your life I support you with KYNESIOLOGY, QUANTUM MATRIX TRANSFORMATION AND HEALING ENERGY.
You are not alone! If you think there is no solution for you or you can’t see the way out, if you want a change just afraid of future, than ask me.

Do you need help or information about your love life, job and financials, family, children or friends? You are at the right place!
SPIRITUAL GUIDING and Healing is my life! I also use TAROT CARD as a guidance. I have the special talent to heal your physical and emotional problems with clairvoyance, Kyneziology and healing energy no matter how far you are. Time and distance are not exist in QUANTUM MATRIX. You can experience the energy in phisical level immediately. Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be rich or having a love relationship? It all comes from the same source: GOD who is love itself. Lets find your connection to it!
I can offer you many different ways from TAROT, KYNEZIOLOGY to MATRIX so you can discover your past, present and future in a deeper level and break out from the „spell”of not having controll on your own life and sabotaging your on balance and harmony. Have faith that that God deeply loves you without judging and you deserve love. I can open a door for you but it’s your decision to enter it.
Dont hesitate to contact me if you want to recognise your REAL AIMES, want to be healed or take a journey in your subconsciousness.
There is an old truth: You want things to change around you, you need to change- if you stay the same, everything stays the same.

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  1. Wow, came away feeling insightful, gentle, calm and inspired! I am refocused and hopeful for the direction I can hope to take as a result. Totally recommend Galadriel due to her awesome gift and positive energy!” … written by mysticscorpion

  2. I can’t explain what exactly happened but it was unbelievable!!! You are soooo Special! Thank You very much, I will come back to you as many times as I can.” … written by Kevin2585

  3. You are amazing!!! I made a healing session with Galadriel and things started to improve almost immediately!!! Experience a session with her, you will find out that all things are in you and that is what you need to deal with and she will be a wonderful guide to assist you on that journey!! HIGH RECOMMENDATION!!” … written by Sirena22

  4. Very helpfull and accurate. Also detailed, giving me dates to look forward to. A very nice lady with alot of knowledge. I will definitelly come back to see her she is worth it. (:” … written by maryannepav

  5. It was an honor and pleasure to talk to Galadriel she is a blessing to me and will be to you if you take her to a private reading. Im so happy that i talked to her. She has such a great spirit inside. She is very soft spoken and very explains everything about what you want to know in much detail. She is very helpful with your spiritual being as well. ” … written by kprattis

  6. very nice reading 🙂 Galadriel is also very nice 🙂 she gave me a lot of advices, she definitely know a lot! and she is very professional 🙂 Thank you!!!” … written by thetruthseeker

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