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Psychic GODDESS0206 has 30- years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic GODDESS0206 has recently helped 538 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about GODDESS0206’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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hi everyone e-mails are allowed now) i hope to see you on line very soon see you ) . . I LOVE ALL MY CLIENTS AND WELCOME NEW COMERS TO MY LIST OF FRIENDS AND CLIENTS. I ENJOY READING YOU ALL 🙂 DON’T WORRY I CAN CONNECT WITH YOU. i have been god’s messenger for 30 years ! i have 9 decks of tarot cards. BUT I DON’T NEED TOOLS. if your a true god’s messenger you don’t need anything but god and jesus. i have 2 spirit guides and a indian named horse and chief indian. i am indian so i have many spirits with me always and very well protected as i grow with god and jesus. PLEASE READ MY COMMENTS IF YOU ANY DOUBT. i am psychic ,med, i speak to loved ones,i do spells,gypsy cards, i do house cleansing and house blessings. if you want a spell tell me your problems and i will e-mail you a few spells . my e-mails are 14.99 per question and you get 2,000 words. I HOPE TO MEET YOU IF YOUR A NEW COMER AND IF YOUR MY REG CLIENTS YOUR ALWAYS WELCOME. i thank you for sticking with me through the months it’s been hard in these times .i just want to thank you for trusting me enough to give you advice and listen to you. i am always here for you each and every day. LOVE AND LIGHT GODDESS0206. ~ IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEAVE ME A MESSAGE ADD ME TO YOUR CONTACT LIST ON ORANUM AND I WILL RESPOND BACK TO YOU AS SOON AS I CAN. GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU AND MAY THE ANGLES PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES ALWAYS. LOVE AND LIGHT GODDESS0206~~~~

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  1. I had some issues and some stress going on, adding to that was an issue with my son in school, Goddess said he needs councelleor, that was already mentioned by the shcool so she hit the nail on the head, but Goddess said no it must be outside of school, I was glad of the things she told me becuase me and my partner were really at our wits end as he was been very difficult, we didnt know what to do, now i know what to do, i got some advice on another serious issue and one more thing that was bugging me, have to say, Goddess was straight to the point, just to say I appreciate your help and will report back to you, I will get a reading again and highly recommend Goddess, thanks a million, Patrick” … written by p160333

  2. I am so glad I had the ability to have a private chat with her…. She is awesome and I am so thankful for she answered so many questions and I am looking forward to my email reading too!! She is terrific!!!!” … written by myfirststeps

  3. Goddess0206 is the best I’ve seen here. As soon as I started the session, she confirmed her guides by giving my husband’s name. She also knew that I started a new job without my saying and accurately read my situation. Definitely give her a try!” … written by tangerinedream

  4. She was great she told me things ive never heard before i lost my sister and she spoke of her and others in my family she is great get her while shes .99 cents awesome you wont be disappointed!!!! Talk about Guaranteed shes worth every cent of the money spent!!! Thanks so much will come back at a later time!!” … written by welobey1

  5. she was very good!!! she was fast and gave me uick answers to everything…i was very impressed im more hopeful about my situation in the end i decide which dirrection i want to take concerning my love life =) and postive changes will happen for me over all…i reccomend u do a reading with this lovely women =) ” … written by luckycharms312

  6. This read was straight to the point everything goddess said was right on she confirm things that I already new she doesn’t beat around the bush or sugar coat anything this is the real deal right here.” … written by ooopsi

  7. She is wonderful!! She is the BOMB!!! Goddess is one of my favorites. I can talk to her about anything and she is spot on! I’m going to keep her informed and I will be back for another reading with her! She is something else!!! :)” … written by marlenea64

  8. wow… I am VERY impressed……she blew my socks clean off. she picked up on extremly detailed information. and she asked me no questions. she just picked up on it all .. detailed personal things that nobody could have just andamp;quot;guessedandamp;quot;… shes quick… to the point…. and I am very pleased… I will be back FOR SURE 🙂 ty Goddess ” … written by Ans31s

  9. I cant even put into words how I feel after this reading, besides confirming something for me she told me alot more information then I could ever imagine. she is very fast but VERY accurate. everything she told me was without me asking any questions and the one question i did ask she gave ALOT of insight on! Won’t sugarcoat anything if you was a serious true psychic this is your lady!! don’t miss the opportunity!! ” … written by babydoll7421

  10. I just had a reading with Goddess and I didn’t think she would be able to connect with me, little did i know, she read me like she was my best friend! She knew things and I didn’t even tell her anything! She is truly amazing and I so recommend her… I will be back for another reading for sure. God Bless” … written by babylove84

  11. She was very VERY helpful. I was feeling about a situation in my life and she opened my to a new way a seeing it. thank you so much and Love And Light!!!!!” … written by bailey_00015

  12. She was simply AWESOME!!! Definitely worth your time and very honest and straightforward. Totally right on the money with lots of stuff. Encouraging too. Thank you so very much.” … written by flowers70

  13. She gave me peace of mind, and her prediction came true said, some people would return and gave me the number ‘2’ and they came back at 2:15. pretty impressive” … written by AirAngel

  14. Definitely on target, great reading! Straight forward, tell-it-like it is approach. I love your energy and gift. i will be back to follow up with you. God bless and thank you!!” … written by risingabove

  15. Love Love Love her she is straight forward. She is very confident with her readings and very helpful. She can do a private without cards by just using her guides. Will def. be doing more private readings with her.” … written by mj1963

  16. I absolutely love your readings .. you are so gifted and blessed.. i thank you from bottom of my heart for all you have opened my eyes to.. you have been a blessing to me much love to you .. 5 star reader .. honest , straight forward, and one of the best.. look forward to our talks xxx” … written by Aimee

  17. She pulled the relationship breaking up head on (it had happened the night I logged in). I wish we could have gone deeper into the future relationships. I would definitely recommend her to others for a reading” … written by piscesgal77

  18. The psychic goddess0206 is a wonderful psychic. She does not sugar coat anything and her readings are reliable. Her readings are quite accurate and amazing. She is a loving person and she says hello to everyone who enters her room. She is a great with her clients and does not let any of her clients down. I give her 5 out of 5 stars. Thank for you hiring another great psychic to be part of the oranum team. Who is honest and truthful. ” … written by XTurtleManX

  19. GODDESS0206 Is a Wonderful Excellent Five star reader. She doesn’t use cards, and connects very well and quickly. She was able to pick up a lot of things that was not just was going with me, but with my family also. She was able to tell me what would happen and give time frames. Shes does not sugar coat things, but tell you what you can do to help yourself. I would highly recommend getting a reading with her. Ty GODDESS0206 for the nice inspirational reading.” … written by Tanny6

  20. Very accurate, picked up on a lot of things in my life and what I was going through. Very awesome and fast. I love Goddess and I will definitely be consulting with her again! =) ” … written by Kupcake

  21. this lady is awesome!! she knew about my parents divorcing, i did not tell her. she saw my boy, and she is right, he stands out more. i will come back to her. i wish i could have more time and $. i will be back!!!!” … written by klegglaw1

  22. Goddess is awesome. I’m still shocked at some of the stuff she knows. Soo accurate on whats going on so her advice is really uplifting. Gives me a lot more confidence in the subject we talk about!!! I sure got a smile on my face =]” … written by rockfreak025

  23. Wonderful, wonderful 2nd reading with her and she still amazes me. Very accurate and fast doesn’t use any info to connect, I highly recommend her :)” … written by RealSuperStar24

  24. GODDESS0206, is a great reader and a sweetheart and really connects with u. she tell the truth good or bad. she does not sugarcoat anything get a reading with her she is worth more then five stars. may God Blees u ” … written by momskids

  25. I feel she is very easy to talk to and can give some courage and motivation to keep having faith it what you want the most ! I will def come back for some more chats with her and recommened anyone else doing so as well!” … written by BriannaT26

  26. She is so AWESOME second reading with Goddess and she remembered stuff from the last reading and confirmed things were still going in the right direction. She has an amazing gift! She is honest and caring does not sugar coat tells it like it is. HIGHLY recommend her to everyone. Thanks Goddess for everything! XO ” … written by mj1963

  27. She is an amazing woman, knows exactly what is going on with my life and how to deal with it. She is a sweet, caring woman who wants to help you understand 10 stars” … written by Jillian40

  28. Goddess is straightforward. I love her. She was very kind in free chat and helped me out. I was thankful to have the opportunity to read with her in private. She’s wonderful! 🙂 ” … written by Viv

  29. Wish my typing was faster to talk longer…Lol But she answered my question in the short time that I had with her! I’ve been very curious about something very specific and she gave me some clarity! Will def talk to her again! Thanks…..Goddess” … written by jordan4321

  30. WOW… without giving her any names or information she told me things that surprised me, was very quick, gave me information from my parents that passed without me telling her. Time frame and places I will be visiting. ” … written by MV1021

  31. Miss Goddess0206 doesn’t blow smoke. She is very concerned and compassionate about your issue at hand. I would trust her with my confusion for clairity any day.” … written by smff

  32. She is so incredibly gifted, and so straightforward but also very caring.I really enjoy listening to her.. she’s a world of knowledge .Thank you So VERY MUCH” … written by lolita99999

  33. She is by far on-point with her readings and quick. She helped put me in a mindset where I really need to focus on myself and not worry about anyone else. I’m proud to say that I feel confident and refreshed in a sense, because I’m the kind of person who needs that kinda push. Thank You! 🙂 ” … written by youcrazyyy/Mo!

  34. Told me everything I needed to hear…didnt need cards and all the mumbo jumbo. she just came straight out with it! and told me what i needed to do. Thank you goddess you are a gem xoxo” … written by jasminepapas

  35. Thank you for the wonderful reading. I had a wonderful time chatting with GODDESS0206! She told me things that were right on the money. It was things that she couldn’t have known about. I think anyone or everyone should should seek her knowledge and gift. She truley has a special gift. Ms. GODDESS0206, thank you for your time and knowledge. ” … written by Angel168

  36. Goddess was excellent. She really helped me in my reading to make sense of things in my life. She gave me direction on how to solve my dilemma. I really admire her very much. ” … written by kprattis

  37. It was pretty accurate for the time i could talk cause i couldn’t afford much =] Gave me some confidence that even though my situation is crazy, a miracle could happen. Thanks =] I’m Gonna talk again when I can =]” … written by rockfreak025

  38. GODDESS0206 is helpful as always very insightful and educational. I never met a psychic who was so caring and genuine. Her heart felt words of wisdom are needed in all of her readings. Blessings to you!” … written by kprattis

  39. All I have to say is that she is amazing , I don’t think I could have found a better reading . She told me things that only I knew!! And could talk to her about my darkest secret and she knew the answer. I have to say I love her and her work and I will be back for many more privates!!! Ty Goddess and God bless!!” … written by vd123456

  40. Love my Goddess she is the best always tells me like it is she can pick up on my energy right away and gets me back on track when I need it. She is sweet and sincere. I have had many privates with her plan to have many more.” … written by mj1963

  41. A great reading. Goddess really helped shed light on some things I think I have been overly stressing about. She does a wonderful job and I recommend her to all!” … written by piscesgal77

  42. First reading on this site tonight andamp; even though microphone was acting up, I heard much of what i’ve expected, funny how much confirmation she added. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. Thank you, I am sure to talk with you again, I was abit nervous being a Christian about doing this, however I’m glad to of talked with you; your not good…your reaallly good :).” … written by glhaps

  43. Very warm and compassionate…very comfortable to relate and connect with…like an old friend…answers all your questions without wasting any time…very confident and reassuring!” … written by fairylion

  44. I felt very comfortable talking to Goddess. She gave me good insight on my relationship. Im praying for good things to come in the future. Goddess honest and did not need tarot cards to know our future.” … written by kprattis

  45. Love having readings with her! She is fast and always spot on with everything. I will keep you posted for sure on the timeframe things happen and updates! Thanks so much, your the best!” … written by llilbrats715

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