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All our problems in life are reduced to three:

1 .- Karma
2 .- Birth Horoscope
3 .- Negative Influences

.- Karma Karma is the set of actions that have done so in past lives like this. These actions are good and bad karma (destiny). The result of all our actions, conscious and unconscious impact on our lives today and in this way karma affects what happens in our lives, all we get and what is private to us is the result of our karma. Thus, we are the creators of our own destiny.

Birth Horoscope .- All the planets have any influence on our lives, sometimes for short periods and sometimes for long. Based on its position in our birth horoscope all have planets that are our allies and others who may be our enemies in this life.

Negative influences, negative influences and black magic are the intentional use of the hidden forces of nature to cause harm to someone. The use of these negative supernatural powers used by unscrupulous people jealous and envious for the sole purpose of destroying the lives of others, receiving an unhealthy pleasure in it. A person affected by black magic will have no peace of mind, happiness, luck, success, health or future prospects and all will be ruined.

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