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Psychic GypsyJeanie has 20-25 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic GypsyJeanie has recently helped 31 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about GypsyJeanie’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am an Empath and I use tools to get validation on my feelings and my intuition. I am clairsentient. I use very old Gipsy cards that were handed down to me from a close relative and I use Thoth Tarot cards that I got from Alistar Crowley. I also use a 7 Crystal pendulum that I have a very strong connection to.
Kryon from 13 dimension comes to me in meditations and dreams to teach me and guide me.

My psychic services cover a broad range of specialties.
I do not judge or discriminate based on religion, sexual orientation, life choices or race. Here are a few of the topics I specialize in when providing a private consultation.

Mahusiano ya

I offer psychic direction for all relationship problems. If it’s a problem with family, love, roommates and more, we will delve into your world and find the elements corrupting your personal relationships. I am here to provide honest answers to the problems your are facing in your relationships and sometimes that means you will not like what you hear, but if YOU listen to what I say, you will see it is the true.

psychic reading in love
Kazi na Fedha

Having problems deciding what career path to take? Let a TRUSTED psychic advisor with more than years of knowledge help guide you down the right path. I have the answers that you need to make the correct choices in career. If money matters are plaguing you,

Spiritual Awareness

Did you know that everything about you is borrowed? Your physical body is borrowed and comprised of your DNA from your ancestors. Your body is dust and shall return to dust. So, we are borrowing our bodies. The spiritual part of you is using your body. Your soul is your invisible part of you. Your soul is your personality. So, I can bring spiritual awareness to you to help you develop your soul. A spiritual reading with me “The GypsyJeanie,” will help direct your attention to the specific parts of understanding your soul that will help change the directions in your life. I can interpret the signs and symbols and give you the tools to change what’s happening in your life.

We are a spiritual being having a human body expirience

empathic skills to help you begin to resolve issues which can create a heavy burden on ALL areas of your life. Allow me, to help you begin to feel good about yourself. No problem will ever be turned away. Allow me to offer you the answers and spiritual guidance you require to help put your life back on track or keep your life on track. I am a seasoned professional and hold my clients in the highest regards. I am ethical, honest, straightforward, but I deliver all my psychic findings to you in a compassionate manner. Let us get into your life together today and see what changes await you.
As my beloved spiritual advisor Spiritual Hobo always said!

I used to think that there were two people in my head. There was the one that say’s NO to everything and the one that say’s YES to anything.

Then one day I realized that there were really three people in my head! There is the one that say’s NO. There is the one that say’s YES. And then, there is the one that is LISTENING to the two.

I finally found myself. I was the one that was LISTENING to me. From that point on… I never had an argument with myself that I didn’t win.

Let me help you do the same now!’

My first experience with the spiritual world was when I was 6 years old. I had a dream where a woman came to me and told me to get up because the house was on fire and… it was. This spirit saved us from burning to death.

My first boyfriend was unfaithful to me, and I had a dream on that same night. A woman in a long black dress came to me and said, Gitte come with me, there is something I need to show you. She toke my hand and we were flying out of the closed window. This spirit should me everything; where they go, where they sleep, how they do it and so on. The next day I was telling my dream to my boyfriend and he confirmed that everything in my dream was true.

I had my first conversation with our lord God himself in 1991. A voice came and presented itself to me telepathically and it said, “I am The Lord. I fell down on my knees without intending to. The voice said to me, don’t kneel for me stand up! What good things have you done in your life Gitte, GOD asked me? I almost fell down again but I kept standing and I replied nothing GOD, I have done nothing good in my life. You have come to the wrong person. I do not deserve this, I told GOD. God asked me if I believed in him. Yes, I said, out loud. Come out to me GOD said to me. I heard beautiful angel harp music playing when I went outside. I felt like I was surrounded with souls that loved me and they were singing and playing for me. It was then that GOD spoke to me again and he said, come up to me. I started spinning around faster and faster and I began to rise from the earth. I got really scared and then I came back to myself and ran into the house. As I was running inside the house, GOD said, you cannot escape me Gitte, you are saved.

I sat down for a while and tried to consume it all and I said to myself, you can ever tell anybody about this experience because if you do they will think that you are crazy. Then GOD told me to take of all of my gold. I took it all off but there was one arm chain, the one I got from my grand grandmother that I couldn’t get off. It was very old and sensitive, so I had really needed help to get it undone so I gave up and kept it on. Then GOD said to me, take that off, you can take off and then you must go out and wash your feet.

I got scared again and said No! I will not listen to you anymore! Go away from me! I am not ready! Please leave. And GOD did! After that, I was in this emotion with unconditional love and grace for month and it changed my life completely and brought me to the spiritual level that I am at in my life right now. This happened to me more than 20 years ago. Since then, I have been helping many souls come to the light, in my dreams and now I am led by GOD to use my gift to help many people in this world find the light.

When my grand grandmom past over I was on vacation with no phone. I had a dream 3 days after her past over. She came to me and said that she loved me and that I must promise her not to be afraid. When I woke up that morning, I knew that she had passed over and I begged my ex to drive me to a phone-box to call my mother. I called my mother to ask her if my grand grandmother had passed over and my mother asked me, in what way did you came to know about that, I have tried to get in touch with you for 3 days she said. I told her about my dream. My mother told me that the ceremony was over and that my grand grandmom had been buried one hour ago. Nonetheless, my grand grandmom came to me so you see, I didn’t miss a thing. Halleluja! Since then, many, many souls that have passed over come to me, in my dreams with messages.

I have had many extraordinary spiritual experiences in my life but I am trying to keep this relatively short. I hope you understand.

I was a child that was forced to grow up early. I had a hard life until GOD came to me and then everything changed. I was called to work for God. So for the last 14 years I have been working for the Christian Church, The Holy Cross Church and The Free Harbor Church.

Also, I am an examineret Massage terapheut./ Healing with chakras /Access Bars clarity/Meditations/ Painter / Singer and song writer/poetry/ playing guitar/ I am currently singing in 2 well known Gospel Choirs; Absolute Gospel Singers and Copenhagen Gospel Singers.

I am an Empath and I use tools to get validation on my feelings and my intuition. I am clairsentient. I use very old Gipsy cards that were handed down to me from a close relative and I use Thoth Tarot cards that I got from Alistar Crowley. I also use a 7 Crystal pendulum that I have a very strong connection to.

May I say that, it has been my greatest pleasure to be a part of your wonderful community as a member. However, I do have a calling to share my spiritual gifts and my life’s experience on ORANUM as a psychic advisor

I am ready, willing and able for you now
Thank you for reading this and for considering me.

Signed Gypsy Jeanie

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  1. Jeanie amazed me with her compassion, very very clear and honest words about the current situaion of my relationship. She is really a wonderful person and her private readings are so clear and truthful, you will be very pleased. She tells yu what she sees, she is gentle and such a wonderful soul. I highly recommend a private reading with Jeanie, if you are looking for real answers:)” … written by LoveElly

  2. This is my second private reading with Jeanie.. and wow. First of all, she is so sweet and such a loving person. A private reading is like having a wonderful conversation with your dearest friend. Second, she knows what she is doing. She gives very clear answers, very honest and direct. I really really recommend a private reading with Jeanie if you haven’t had one yet. She is really mind blowing…” … written by LoveElly

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