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Psychic IntuitiveGlenn has 5-10 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic IntuitiveGlenn has recently helped 125 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about IntuitiveGlenn’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I’M BACK FOLKS!!! Do you have questions surrounding your relationship, would you like to know what the future may hold for you in your love-life, money, career or family matters? I can help provide clarity in these areas and more in a friendly, compassionate and down to earth manner.

My methods of divination I use include angel card readings from unicorn oracle cards with my own intuition and spirit guides. These are not merely insightful but many people also receive healing from the positive energies associated with my readings. In addition to this in 2004 I received my certification as a level two Reiki practitioner. Although I have only begun to tap into my psychic gift and talents two years ago, I have however, been well aware that I have been graced with them from a very early age.

As a good listener, I especially enjoy being able to give people renewed hopes for their future when all had previously seemed at its darkest. With many years of my own varied life experiences working in many fields all around the world, I have honed a well- developed sense of empathy which enables me to step into other people’s troubles and concerns from their point of view.

If you are going through a traumatic experience, frustrated, angry and need to vent or simply need someone to speak with about a sensitive matter, then let’s go to a private chat and put you back on your positive and self-empowered path.

If you or a loved one are in pain, anguish or fatigued then please consider some Reiki via distance healing. This can be channelled to you either live in a private chat or at a pre-arranged time if booked through an email reading request stating that you would like some healing sent.

Discover your escape from the mundane, the fear, anger or simply chill-out for the sake of it by joining me and our spirit guides in a private and deeply personal guided meditation.

Receive clarity in matters such as love, relationships, family, career and money issues in a friendly, compassionate, understanding and down-to-earth manner. The majority of my clients report that they find the readings and other services that I deliver to them are often immensely healing and reassuring with a great deal of positivity and affirmation.

I view the trust and confidence you place in me as a genuine privilege and an honour, which will naturally be treated with sensitivity and the utmost discretion.

People from all walks of life and situations have consulted me and received accurate results, prompting repeat business and positive feedback from all around the world.

Please, do feel free to pop into my room for a friendly chat and decide for yourself whether you have a connection with me, if I am the psychic for you as well as permitting me to be certain of my ability to assist you with your requirements before we proceed to private chat.

****************************************A FEW SIMPLE RULES FOR MY FREE CHAT****************************************

Please do not reveal any personal details such as full names, addresses, email, dates of birth, telephone numbers and similar items.

For those who may be contemplating doing so, I would ask you to recognise that “Free chat” is just that, “Free chat.” It does not mean “Free Readings.”

I do give demo-mini-readings for free as permitted by Oranum. They will be offered to people at my discretion and you are more likely to receive one by not asking. Demo healings and taster guided meditations are also offered periodically.

I would also ask all my visitors to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, showing other members the courtesy and level of respect that you, yourself would expect to receive.

Your happiness is my goal.

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  1. Mr. Intuitive, is a good empath with a good perception on your situation. You should try him in private, you will be so surprised by his gift. He is indeed an empath and right on target. What a compassionate individual, we need more like him on this planet:))))) Thnak you et Merci:))))))” … written by milona

  2. he gave me a good reading he was able to tell me the truth about my future.and he was right on the money. you guys should give him a chance.he could help u like he did with me. i can’t wait to talk to him again. ” … written by estania1

  3. He was wonderful! very insightful! despite all of my computer issues he continued to help finish my reading. He was truthful and straight to the point no fluff and trying to make me happy. It was a wonderful esperience having my reading by him! I would definitely recommend it!!!!!! :)” … written by Carocakee

  4. OH-MY-GAWD!!! IntuitiveGlenn is just brilliant! His reading felt very interactive, and the more you open up, the more his cards would be clear enough for you to understand. It definitely felt different, but his relaxed manner definitely helped a lot. I very much liked the way he did the reading and I appreciate the messages that he received from Spirit as well along with the cards. I’m so happy I had a private reading with him. His deck is also gorgeous with direct messages! Clear and right on the spot with good advice too! Truly a wonderful experience! Thank you! ” … written by Archeia

  5. Well, I have to say I got all the answers I needed. Glenn is talking slowly, so you can understand him and he takes time, but answers then are completed and very good. His advice I just have to take, because he told me so many details, I wrote them all down and as I see, they might just lead me to the best position I can have. I thank you Glenn, I really do!” … written by Sabina68

  6. Glenn has amazing insight and his cards can not be beat! I really appreciate his genuine caring and abiltiy to connect to the positive in a reassuring manner. This was my first reading with Glenn but will not be my last! Cheers ~” … written by alexaart

  7. He was very insightful and gave me a lot of confidence in my future options when the time comes. As well he was very thorough and hit all the exact problems on the head and was able to clarify. I do recommend him to others.” … written by ismellnice

  8. Excellent advise we didn’t have enough time to get through it all as charges are higher with our AUD $$ compared to overseas! Goes so fast.I’m grateful for his wonderful calming advise thanks so much.” … written by artyvicky

  9. IntuitiveGlenn done me a Demo last week and he predicted that I would find a job within a few weeks. 2 days later I was offered a job that I hadnt even applied for. So I was head-hunted! Thank you so much xx” … written by firefly12

  10. I recieved a reading from Intuitive Glenn and really enjoyed it. He was spot on for me and helped me understand some things about my life that i had always struggled with. His reading was very insightful. ” … written by energyworker

  11. I have to say that his methods are fantastic. I am smiling so widely right now that my face is hurting! He really does pass along some wonderful tips and positive energy! Very accurate, very caring, and very great advice!” … written by sacredlove71

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