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Psychic IsmaWhitewolf has 30- years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic IsmaWhitewolf has recently helped 39 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about IsmaWhitewolf’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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This is the time of the year were the veils are very thin and traditionally people like to take a glimpse into their future. Would you like to see where your life is taking you ? Let me help you to empower yourself to live a happy and peaceful life. Open your heart and share with me what is on your heart and mind. In a personal private consultation you will be provided with answers and tools to change and manifest your desires.
I have been blessed with many spiritual gifts in my life since I was born and have seen many things in life, experiences many hardships which enabled me to help others .The Runes of the Cosmic Goddess were my sacred tools to guide me since 1989 . They help me to get through difficulties and to manifest my desires.
What are Runes ?
Runes are energy carriers that can help us to manifest what we need to live a happy life on this planet in using the Runes daily with affirmations.
Where do they come from ?
The general origin of the Runes date back 10.000 years ago and beyond . However the Germanic /Skandinavian Runes are dated back to Odin which hung on a tree for 9 days and 9 nights to receive the Runes as a sacred tool.

For the next weeks I would like to offer a new service. “Let the Runes decipher the hidden meaning of your name “. What secrets does your name carry ? Like numerology the Runes of the Cosmic Goddess can bring clarity about the meaning of your name. In old traditions it is believed that names carry the energy of what we set out to do on this planet. Another puzzle piece of our mission on earth. See the amazing example of the name Oranum

O =Othila means ancestral /celestial heritage the energy that brought the site of Oranum in existence.
R = Rit meaning brining things into motion to be in the dance of life
A-= Asa ( mouth of the Goddess) bringing higher knowledge into communication with others.
N = NOt bringing an end to suffering ( when this surfaces )letting go of suffering and connecting with the highest beings of love and light
Eh= a shift to a higher consciousness a better way of living ( new beginnings )
Do you want to know what secret your name is bearing ? Please see my schedule and come to a private chat and I will tell you or order an email reading from me in stating that you would like to know the meaning of your name via the Runes of the Cosmic Goddess . Enjoy your day 

Kadi za Malaika
Do you believe in Angels ? Angels are beings of the highest vibrations of love and light and the existence of Angels can be found all over the planet. Angels are divine helpers that will guide you and inspire you to all solve all life problems . They never judge and just love you unconditionally.

Kuhusu mimi
Isma Whitewolf lives in the beautiful southwest of England near the legendary Avalon ( Glastonbury) She is an author and lecturer of many different topics like
Runes of the Goddess , Green Reiki inspiration and more. She has been giving professional readings since 1994 as well as teaching in Germany, UK and USA.
She is trained in Reiki ( Teacher) Reiki Systems , Arolo Atlantis Tifar (Teacher)
Aura Soma,( 2) Bachflowers,Runes,Ogham , Crystals and many more

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  1. This was my first reading with you and I know not the last as I felt really acknowledged of what I am and how I can manifest what I wish to manifest in this present time. Thank you dear Isma .. Looking forward to get another reading soon. Love and Light always to you” … written by Ian H. Nailsea

  2. Isma Whitewolf is a true LIghtworker that understands to gain great insights with the help oft he Runes into the most hidden aspects of the soul and assist to heal and change what needs tob e changed. Thank you for all your help with your Runic helpers.” … written by Valery.O.

  3. Jedes Deiner Beratungen hat mir geholfen aus meinem tiefen dunklen Loch herauszukommen und nun sitze ich hier und bin happy wie nie zuvor. Danke Danke Danke.” … written by CorneliaSch

  4. Isma Whitewolf is a lovely being that makes you feel loved and cared for in every reading she gives. With her deep intuitive insights she gives you a beautiful tool to understand your life and change it for the better. Thank you for coming into my life.” … written by Larry O

  5. I found Isma a pleasant person and helped me so much … her knowledge just simply amazed me .. the rune reading was so accurate and helpful . Isma you are such a sincere and honest guide . all i can say you are simply a miracle and this world needs so many more people like you” … written by Chris M.

  6. I’m so happy thank you Isma. After your insightful reading I began to apply your positive sentences and have found the love of my life. He is there and I am so happy .Thank you for all your help. ” … written by Miriam B.

  7. Amazing powerful and enchanting this is the way to describe the reading with you that you gave me yesterday. Your honesty and great insight with the help of the Runes were stunning. God bless you .” … written by Liane W.

  8. Very pleasant and accurate reading dear Isma . You are such a lovely honest person with a great sense of humor. Your amazed me in all the insights you had and some predictions already came true.” … written by Lakesh . Martin L.

  9. Amazing person!!!!! Has knowledge about so many different things and clearly saw my situation! Thank you very much for your reading and we will meet as agreed in 5 days again :)” … written by Sirena22

  10. Wonderful reading! Isma is a very friendly, positive thinking person, I like her style. I appreciate every word, advice, help what she offers me. Thanks a lot!” … written by marxis79

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