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Psychic JanetteAnne01 has 10-15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic JanetteAnne01 has recently helped 29 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about JanetteAnne01’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi my name is Janette Anne im a tv psychic i work for Psychic First tv on sky chanel 885 ive been there since april of this year you will find me live in the studio and at home on webcam.
I was also with another tv company for 2 years aswell before i worked at Psychic First tv.. And before that i worked with psychic line company offering phone readingsi was with them for about 3 years before i started with psychic tv.

I have a lot of regular clients who i see in Swansea and i like to build a good rappour with them as some ive helped through differcult times and its nice to see them growning as people and moveing on with happieness in there lives. i feel ive done a small part in helping by showing them choices. As we all need a little guidance sometimes.

I am a natrual psychic as far back as i can remember ive allways had dreams and worked with my guides. i bought myself my first pack of tarot cards at a fair at the age of 13 and i have useing them since then,my dad also had psychic ablities and so did his mum so im a 3rd generation psychic.and have been useing my giift to help people for as long as i can remember

i work with my cards and i also work with my guides to give clear information. i speacialize in love is he comeing back? is she comeing back? we all have burning questions
is this man/woman right for me.? can they be trusted? sometimes we need guidance im here to help you with
these very important questions im am here to help you overcome any worries or concernes you may have.

Are you worried you may be left behind in work? is there new offers of work comeing in for you/ are you thinking of moveing on from work or branching out on your own? Im here to help you let me and my cards and my guides work together to help you make the right life choices for you,

Im a Reki healer and i work with colour therapy and crystals
im also a member of the British Astrological and Psychic Society and a teacher in intuitive cards.
I live Swansea South Wales and I work in a shop called Heavenly where i do 121 readings and alsoi run couses and classes there.
This year the shop were i work has nominated me for best welsh psychic of the year award. if you wish to support me you can by voteing for me at www.thewestwaleshealthshow.co.uk the results will be in Nov 2011.

i am very good at empathizing with people and i never judge anyone with the help of my guides and my cards i will help you overcome any issues that are around you by giveing you options to help you. move on in a positive uplifting way
My chat room is for general psychic chat please do not ask me for a free reading as i am unable to do that. if you want to take any questions to my private area i will answer all your questions then. Please do not come into the chat room if your nature is offensive to me or my other chat guests this is a spiritual chat room.
Upendo na Mwanga
blessings x

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  1. Janette Anne is a fantastic psychic, she clarified a relationship issue for me that had me very confused. She’s very kind and understanding and easy to talk to. She clued in on certain things that I had not mentioned and had not considered. I highly recommend her for private consulatation or readings.” … written by bustemup

  2. She helped me alot to clear alot of confusion, and helped me undersand and made me aware of what was really going on in my life. Thanks alot Janet (: xo” … written by maryannepav

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