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Psychic LightHope has 20-25 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LightHope has recently helped 19 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LightHope’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Favourites to read for include:

♥ Love and Relationships ♥ (Straight and LGBT) ⚤⚣⚢
✎ Careers and Work ✎


☆ About Me ☆


☆ Empathic – Pick up on feelings
☆ Clairsentient – Sense or just knowing
☆ Clairvoyant – Seeing images
☆ Clairaudient – Hearing words
☆ Inspired Writer – Divine inspiration for writing

I use these gifts in readings to offer clarity and guidance with your questions and situations. I am always thankful for these gifts that my creator bestowed upon me.

I am a 4th generation psychic in my family, which has carried on down through the female generations on my mother’s side. In fact, we are quite sure that our gift goes back even further back through the generations than that but we do not have any further information after my great nan as they travelled around a lot and hence we understand that there is romany blood before her in my ancestors. I also have a great fascination with Ancient Egypt and know that I lived there in a past life.

My mother noticed my abilities and gift very young when she found me having just spoken to my nan in spirit while I played with my doll’s house when I was just 6! She began to help me develop my gift by buying me wonderful books and tools as I grew up. We also regularly visited local spiritualist churches, visiting mediums and had various readings.

I am here as I have the calling to do this and help people. I am friendly, positive and happy. If we chat in free chat, I want you to feel like you have just caught up with an old friend. If you have a reading from me/chat to me in private chat, I want you to walk away uplifted, positive and more than satisfied with the guidance and clarity that I have offered you.


☆ What I do ☆

I have had many extraordinary experiences which leaves me with no doubt what exists beyond us here on earth. I read tarot cards and also pick up on feelings and intuitions. I also can feel feelings, see images and hear words when I connect with you and will pass this on no matter how random it is! I am classic Clairsentient in the sense of I can’t tell you how or why but I ‘just know’ things.

I will only ask for your first name and age. I am happy for you to give me this information and what you would like a reading for/your question in free chat as long as you state it is to go into private.

I offer an informative service and you can answer as many questions as you like. Whether I use Tarot or other tools in the private reading depends on each person. I may just use my intuition and psychic abilities. Please state if you would like me to use specifically Tarot card for which I use the Pictorial Key Tarot deck.

I only need your first name when we go into private and this is to just make the experience a little more personal for you. I don’t need any other information to begin a connection with you.

***Music will be turned off for your reading.***

I can speak through my microphone or I can type in private. I am one of the fastest typists on here and will happily offer your reading through this. Please specify if you would like me to type, otherwise I will speak as default.

You will get out of the reading what you put in so just be you and be honest. If what I am picking up isn’t accurate to your situation, it is usually because the person being read hasn’t been honest and totally open. Please prepare yourself for your reading – I will never judge you and I am very open minded.


☆ Communicating with me ☆

I only surround myself and offer love and light. I will never offer anything negative or surround myself with negativity, bullying or disrespect. Please treat me, how I treat you – respected, joyous and friendly. If I pick up on anything other than love or light or anything else, then I will not communicate with you or engage in any further conversation.

Just be your lovely self :0) We all have off days so I don’t expect you to happy happy joy joy all the time! Hopefully I may be able to make your day that little bit better.


☆ Free Chat ☆

I will not offer any readings or answer any questions in the free chat area. One because I am not allowed to, it is against Oranum’s rules and two because there are far too many energies whizzing about to allow me to tune in!

I will type chat and speak occasionally about general stuff you would chat to a friend about :o) I mainly type in free chat to save my voice will can and will talk if requested or during demo. I’m a very friendly and personable personality! I won’t go into deep conversation regarding serious questions that need to be answered in private. This is because I try to keep all my ‘levels’ at neutral during free chat ready for private chat.

Please do not share confidential details in free chat. Remember, I only require your first name and age.

No inappropriate chat or flirting please.


☆ Demos ☆

During a demo, I will pick 1 member at random in which I will ask your question and look at your cards. I lay down 3 cards; past, present and future. I will choose this member randomly to who I connect to. Please avoid typing during demo unless I have picked you as it can get a little busy and manic. Be patient please and I may pick you! Please do not ask to be picked, I will pick who I can connect with at that time. Thank you to the lovely members who help out during demos and tell people one is in progress :o)


☆ General Note ☆

Mimi haitoi usomaji au kujibu maswali maalum juu ya kitu chochote kinachohusiana na:

– Health/Test Results
– Financial Issues
– Legal Issues
– Exact Dates
- Mimba


☆ Readings are only a guide to the path you are currently on following current patterns. Tarot cards are a tool and cannot control or decide your life. You can change this and the path you follow. Nothing is set in stone and you are in full control of your own life, decisions and destiny. We all have shifts in our lives, paths and patterns, which can change the outcome. Oranum’s guidance: “The provided services are not recognized scientifically and therefore no results can be guaranteed. Said services are not fit for all purposes, they should be viewed as entertainment only.” Be happy and prosper ☆


☆ Please check my schedule which is up to date for the week ahead ☆

Thank you for stopping by friend 🙂

Love, light and blessings always,
♥ Rosa ♥

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