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Psychic LunarOrchid has 20-25 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LunarOrchid has recently helped 2 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LunarOrchid’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

Kwa Masomo ya Binafsi tafadhali login kisha uchague "START PRIVATE READING" kutoka ukurasa wangu wa bure wa kuzungumza. Ikiwa wewe si mwanachama, utahitaji kujiandikisha kwa uanachama wa bure kwanza.

When i was a child i did things no other could, i knew i was different, and though my grandparents tried to give me a positive outlet and encouraged my strange abilities, however, my mother was afraid and tried to medicate me as well as keep me in institutionalised. Fear destroys people. Karma is not a debt taker, it is a mind state and law of the universe as what you put out is what you get in. Time is not linear, and it does not exist. I relate most with ancient cultures, and have an extensive background with family, friends, and boyfriend (and exs) that are known free masons. I believe in the christ concious movement, whether you believe in christ this is not what it is about. If you would like to know the answer, we are entering a new era, revolution, evolving….It is time, we have destroyed what we are connected to through lack of the correct education, and now the planet we have depleted is crying for help. Christ concious movement is only a way to directly connect with divinity…. the universe. We are all connected, everything in this galaxy and its surrounding galaxys, which is why astrology is correct. I prefer not to do astrology readings, because you can google those free readings or i can direct you to the services to find out yourself. I prefer to only help those who will help themselves, and those who are not afraid to hear the truth. They need to accept this as well. Indigo children are real…if you know not what they are, research this yourself. Its on Youtube.

-I have extensive knowledge in Ancient Beliefs/customs/medicine/education
-I have extensive knowledge and took college classes even on the new testimate and old, so i know
educationally and religiously of the Christian, Catholic, Jewish religions – my personal beliefs are not
-I believe in energy, and that we are beings of light, because it is the truth
-Personalities are colors, auras are a reflection of our internal beings, all one in the same, we are all rainbows, but personalities are complex, we are usually reflecting majority of one color in different periods, usually reflecting the environment
-I am an empathetic gateway of knowledge
-I am a messenger, not to be credited for knowledge or messages i give, for they come from you and your entity(ies)
-I need to feel a connection with you before a reading, your energy must be very strong or very weak for me to pick up on it
-If you are just curious, i may not be able to help you
-I am freakishly accurate, dont need your name or birthdate, but sometimes i am incorrect, for to be human is to harbor error, and i dont always deliver with full accuracy, especially/usually if ill.
-I am intuitive, NOT PSYCHIC, any one who sees or speaks to angels or whatever, sorry, thats not me…ive had my share of paranormal experience, but to which i cannot explain who they were that i encountered, i.e. good or bad, i just know they were not hostile
-I am a huge BS detector, sorry but i am an indigo child, i have been called to answer to my abilities and strengthen them, which is why i created this…i detect deception in any situation FAST……whether that means omissions, betrayal, lies, ect all i sence is deception when you hold back
-If you want accuracy, chat with me, so i gain a connection, purchase an email, to gain trust and understanding that honesty is my only policy, and you are always welcome to purchase a reading if you can stomach the good bad and ugly……usually this is after chatting or after an email, i get detailed, and i get down to the point. I dont want to waste your money, and time is money, (i am also a business woman)
-My goal in life is destruction of socioties current views, rebuilding of new, through nothing more then the truth. That includes how businesses are conducted, medical care is given, people treat one another, and the revelation of HONESTY – not fairy tales, butterflies, or vindication or negativity
-I am a taurus-gemini (tho i dont believe in the daily horoscope), which is the cusp of energy, also of plutoniun energy……almost purely. I do carry some jupiter, so unless i am sick, i do not wear out, i create my own energies.
-I can manipulate energy, meaning more then i care to admit, i can control peoples actions, thoughts, what comes my way, what goes your way, and much more…….this is not necesarrilly a good trait, as i am still learning to keep this in the positive. The line between positive and negative, is very thin, and when manipulating any energy i do recieve the karmic effect in return…….most of the time…….
-I am a gateway…..eyes ears and voice of subconcious existance many of you are not able to yet understand, but many will soon
-All my abilities are obtainable, meaning, you too can be aware. If you want this, you must be willing to do a series of things internally and externally in order to break barriers….each is different for each individual, some are more inclined then others, some pick up right away, some fail, some quit, some fear and block out their abilities…….choice is yours.
-This blessing of awareness is also a curse, dont mistake it
-Dont ask for a reading if you believe in some universal battle between good and evil – understanding one cannot exist with out the other and that we are both is crucial. BALANCE IS WHAT IS KEY

I am 23 years old, I model, train in MMA, work also in the MMA field, and surround myself with philisophical, educational, and spiritual people.

I am no saint, angel, or demon…..Angels, demons, extraterestrials, they are all the same…….

I care not of your opinion on what i have said, i welcome questions or confusion or contradicting information that is brought forth in open mindness, not personal belief. I try to stay open, but i do answer to a different energy then many of you, so cocky/righteous/nonbelievers, sorry……yes i do know the ultimate truth….for i have access to information many of you dont……. But remember, you too can obtain this, its just a process. After the first three readings in your awareness progression, if i see progress, i will no longer charge you for this service….for it is my purpose.
-I am one of 9….understand it or not, call me crazy…..but many people become fearful when you tell them their deepest darkest secrets, and stop questioning…… i have learned to not do this, or trying not to, for it is in spite that i do – call me crazy i welcome it……..any one great was “crazy” any one who made a real difference was also…..
-I do not believe in religion, and yes i am very educated in it, so i can say DONT ASK ME if your wanting some RELIGIOUS answer….
-Edgar Cayce, Nostradomus (same reincarnate), The Dalai Llama, Jesus Christ (actual not biblical version sorry), Marys (his mother, his wife, and the prostitute (3different people you guys sorry), Enoch (christ reincarnate), Silvia Brown (the real woman, not what is mainstream, and i disagree with her book of angels she wrote), My grandmother, and my daughter are my heros….

Are you ready for it ??

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