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Psychic MadamMindseye has 25-30 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MadamMindseye has recently helped 210 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MadamMindseye’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Do you really want to know the truth about your situation? Then get ready for the most enlightening conversation of your life, you have just found one of the most accurate psychics around, even with future predictions…they actually come true!! Expect nothing but raw facts during my readings, no beating around any bushes or prolonging the conversation purposely. You wont have to worry about whether or not you will get a direct answer either, because thats the only kind of answer I DO give! So no having to read between the ‘lines’ so to speak.
I know that readees arent looking to talk to a friend or get the same old assumptions, but want a real psychic with true, accurate insights. Although I am extremely compassionate (as I can literally feel the person and dont want to feel anyone upset or hurting), I can be brutally honest.. I believe the worst thing you can do to a person is set them up for a huge fall with nothing but false hopes, so I am dedicated to always saying exactly what I am seeing, big or small.. or even if it doesnt seem to apply or be right. I also make sure to tell the readee if I am not sure about something or just dont know.. I NEVER make things up to fill in the holes.
Whenever I do a reading, I also make sure to look at the path the person is on and also the path they would be on if they change something (the free will path). In this I look at what it is they could change as well. This way the readee is totally prepared no matter what happens and either way my predictions come true. I NEVER have to tell people my predictions didnt come through bc of free will.. I leave no room for that by telling what the free will would be!
I can do my readings using only my strong, experienced abilities or I can also use and interpret Tarot along with that. I can also help you to understand dreams that you have questions about and/or do spellwork, healings, cleansings, ect. Even if you are a skeptic, you wont be able to deny my authenticity after speaking with me. I am extremely accurate and give timeframes that actually happen if needed.
Not sure if I can really help? Give me one try and you will see for yourself. Im not like any other psychic you will ever talk to, I dont use any of the prerehearsed sounding lines that make sense but arent the whole or true story, I get to the root of things instead. I envelope myself into your mind, heart and thoughts and also that of those around you with the abilities I was naturally born with. I can tell you the things you already know and the things you are unsure of. I can guide you onto the path that will lead you to true happiness and give you the real answers that you need to hear.I wont tell you what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear right down to the smallest detail. If I hear or see it, then you need to as well.
Ask me about my special rates/payments and also monthly rates for unlimited readings! If you cannot afford my rates, talk to me and see what we can work out! 😉 TODAY ONLY~ SPIRITUAL CLEANSING AT A SUPER DISCOUNTED SET RATE!!! IF INTERESTED, CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS, BUT DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY THAT IS ONLY GOOD FOR JUST TODAY!!

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  1. Wow. What can I say? She’s a great reader and has very good intutive insight. She is honest and kind. She also wont waste credits as she gives clear and concise answers. I enjoyed the reading and recommend her to others as well!” … written by daydreamer246

  2. Talked to her in december and she told me exactly the same thing…this is a good thing. i never told her i had talked to her before. I think she’s really honest and doesn’t try to fill time with fluff. just tells how it is. Very nice. Deserves a much higher overall rating here, but I think a lot of people may rate low when they hear the truth, and that’s sad. Thank you Madam!” … written by SAchickie

  3. she’s accurate(eg. she knew my friend’s thinking about my b-day coming up soon as well just out of nowhere.), easy to talk to, and I am her regular. highly recommended.” … written by fiery

  4. So amazing! On point with everything perfect down to a T’ she is amazing with her readings and i highly recommend her! thank you so much for everything, bless!” … written by moraaaa

  5. she is on target with feelings that we both have and give time frames that she see happening i hope the end of feb.can turn in sooner but awesome lady i will go private with her again.” … written by scorpionqueen

  6. By far the BEST psychic I’ve talked to yet! Very detailed and straight to the point. Thank you so much for the reading… I loved it and I love u. I will always come back!” … written by Blakkatt23

  7. no-nonsense, straightforward answers…she tells it exactly like it is and no sugarcoating…i highly recommend this reader and will be using her again. thanks so much !! ” … written by mom123456

  8. Thank you for a excellent reading. It was encouraging and uplifting. I appreciate that you cared about my problem and you were very helpful. Thank you for helping me with my problem. ” … written by Angel168

  9. really lovely lady, had to ask the questions as i was expection a free flowing chat so felt a bit awkward at some points but overall she was nice ty xx” … written by sensativesoul

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