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Psychic mayhaypay has 25-30 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic mayhaypay has recently helped 0 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about mayhaypay’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Awareness of the energies of nature and human intuition have been with me since I was very young. Growing up on the prairies as a student of agriculture and livestock, I quickly gained insight to the process at which life develops and grows. I began to see more of what life had to impart, the skies of those prairie nights opened up a whole universe of mind and soul expansion. I often gazed above, and wondered “how” and “why” this had come to be, as many others do ponder those same realizations of self awareness. As I continued to grow mentally, physically and spiritually I became a young adult. My size was much greater than my peers and so too was my thinking, that being my ability to assimilate complex ideas and realizations about the motivations and egoic behavior of society.

In my late teens, I came across a detailed book on the subject of astrology. I was so very interested in the explanation of my sign Virgo. I read all there was to know about my degree, positive and negative aspects. I felt confident about how the stars represent meaning and clarity to an otherwise fragmented society. I considered becoming an ambassador of astrology, as I have the communication edge of Virgo. I studied and applied my findings about all of the other signs of the zodiac. These realizations became part of my living in my early twenties, asking questions of others about their belief systems and how, if any, validity is to be found in astrology. Most often people shared what they knew of the subject and were most grateful for the input I provided into the psychology of astral energy and intention of the manifestation of this physical form to become aware of self realization. I had, for a period of time, made lists of all the people I met, included their names and birth dates, sorted under signs and age. The list grew to almost 500 people in just 2 years. I realized that there were dynamics of certain signs that came into my life more than other signs. This realization expanded into a completely new wave of thinking and a new awareness of “who am I”. It was as though a magical enlightenment occurred within my being. I was seeing nature and human behavior in an entirely new conscious awareness. I found new happiness and joy, rapture at times and a strong drive to embrace friends and family in a meaningful approach that renewed life energy and purpose for being (experience living in the physical).

All through my thirties, I discovered more of who I am and more of who others were and still are to me, as I am to them (light bodies of recognition with mutual admiration for life). My professional career has been that of service, transporting well over 30,000 people from all over the world, via ground transportation. (charter bus, limousine, taxi, tow truck, etc…). Having had the opportunity to communicate with so many unique individuals, personal growth and development were the topics of most interest with these people. On many occasions my passengers would have a minimum of an hour to converse together and collectively with me. Often they would ask if I had gone to university, as they said my communication and intellectual skills were impressive. They always felt empowered and entertained after meeting and talking with me, It was a common occurrence for them to remark “why aren’t you speaking or teaching for a living?”. I would respond with a smile, I’m getting paid to talk with you, I’m driving for free, this is the means to meet you.

I’ve received a new intention that has given my soul impetus for expansion, allowing for awareness to shine its love on all that is wondrous…to share this powerful identity with others for the benefit of their happiness. I have spent the past several months receiving guidance from a man of great spiritual fortitude, sharing with him deep concepts of “who am I , where did I come from, why am I here and where am I going?”. I am blessed to know this man, for he has been a student of Gandhi himself, living and learning at his Ashram in India. This man has also had the insight of Mother Theresa as he also spent time with her. Having been steeped in this enlightening experience and continuing to expand on those questions, I have an ever growing inspiration to be an instrument of teaching important spiritual values to the souls that want assistance in there own unique awareness of “who am I, where did I come from, why am I here and where am I going?” The ability to see this in myself has given me the insight to assist others in their seeking of self identity. The resonance of awakening becomes a catalyst for the Universe to assist in the guidance of our soul development.

It is my intention and pleasure to assist others heal from their past experiences that have caused uncertainty and pain in them. Through my abilities to quickly comprehend the distorted realities that have caused suffering in others. I have a unique and original method of communicating to people the essence of there placement within the zodiac, how best to expand on there natural talents and offer them an honest and practical outlook. This method encompasses a wide range of situations, as not everyone is in a state of anguish. Many people want to know what there future holds for them, or perhaps they would like to know more about themselves or others. Using astrology as a template, then receiving astral intuition for insight as to what those questions people have asked, an answer emerges within myself and is produced efficiently and in a meaningful way that can easily be recognized and utilized. We have only “the now” to live our lives and that will never change for us, bringing “now” to the forefront of our conscious is what life “is”. Encouragement given to people that creates a vibration within us that matches the “being” aspect of living is my true calling.

I am grateful for this opportunity to express, “who I am”.


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