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Psychic MrKelly777 has 20-25 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MrKelly777 has recently helped 194 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MrKelly777’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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My name is Mr Kelly. I am a Psychic Advise, Professional Tarot Card Reader & (former) Featured Adviser.
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59 Maoni

  1. Amazing. Enlightening read. Right on par with every card he drew. He read my situation and helped to open my eyes to something I had been ignoring! This reading has inspired me to make a bettr life for myself!! You MUST try the Email Reading! It ROCKS!! ” … written by GoldHeartedLady

  2. Always accurate and on point whether positive or negative, yet filled with hope as well. I appreciate his honest insight and will keep in touch. Thank you and God Bless.” … written by JazzyJ567

  3. THANK U!!! wish I had more time so we could finish that, but I think what is going on here is that there is some negativity in me that mirrors her negativity? It bugs me that I feel so mad at her and have from the beginning. GREAT STUFF MR K! You are GREAT!” … written by earthylovesdogs

  4. He gives an excellent reading, he explains things very clearly and precisely. He is very charming and while he doesn’t sugar coat anything, he is completely honest. but does offer hope. I recommend him very highly. ” … written by johnmike59

  5. Thank you! I enjoyed my reading very much. He showed and explained the cards to me and he gave a very realistic reading which is what I wanted. I know a little about the tarot cards, so I know that his explanations were on point! I would definitely recommend him as he was a honest and ethical card reader! thanks again! ” … written by Nona29

  6. Mr. Kelly is right on target meeting your ends meet in questions clarification. His accuracy will not allow anyone to continue to walk into the darkness. He helps you to see the light in your path and allow you to see the gaps defenses in your path.” … written by vegabonded

  7. Previous prediction on situation came to pass, so came back for an update and the cards definitely reflected the present situation. Mr. Kelly was able to assess the situation and he gave me some great advice which I will follow through on!!! Thanks again!!” … written by Nona29

  8. He explains cards and situations very clearly. I totally agree with what he said about my current situation. He was very easy to chat with, very responsive, makes you feel comfortable and provides a professional thorough reading. I will definitely chat with him again for tarot reading and would recommend you to have a private reading with him too. ” … written by lisag

  9. I love my readings with MrKelly because they have been extremely helpful with deciding on which route to take to reach my desired outcome. And so far the advice that has been given based on the cards I’ve received have been on point. I followed MrKelly’s advice from my last reading and everything went great and moved forward as predicted!!! Thank you Mrkelly!!” … written by Nona29

  10. Another great reading and advice from the cards. When I read with MrKelly, the tarot always gives advice on my current issue. There is a definite connection between mrkelly, his cards, and myself. They have been most helpful in my journey!! Thank you again until next time!!” … written by Nona29

  11. Last reading, MrKelly asked the cards for advice for me. I followed it and a good outcome came out of it. At the time, I didn’t want to take the advice, but MrKelly felt the cards were definitely trying to lead me down the right path. And it did!! The card that showed up in my future position during the last reading, just now showed up as being in the Past position. So, I am definitely on the right path still! Thanks Mrkelly again!” … written by Nona29

  12. Kelly is a GREAT adviser. Not only does he tell you like it is, but he offer great advice and insight. He didn’t sugar coat at all, and he made me feel better about my situation. I think I know what I have to do now, so I’ll be following his advice and calling him back soon. Highly recommend!” … written by wing-mei

  13. Wonderful as always! Last prediction came to pass again!! MrKelly has helped me to make good decisions towards my goal. My update readings with him have just been very helpful and it helps me choose the better path! Highly recommended!! ” … written by Nona29

  14. MrKelly777 is awesome and I appreciate the reading he done for me. He’s excellent at what he does, has many tools, and gives great explanations/interpretations. His friendly soothing demeanor and experience helped my decision in consulting with him. I like MrKelly777 and is amazed by his talents. I recommend everyone to take MrKelly777 into a private consultation. Thanks.” … written by BB

  15. When I read with MrKelly we always do a simple 3 card spread for my questions and boy does it tell me exactly what I need to know everytime! Mrkelly is clear with his explanations of the cards and the advice they are giving and he makes sure I don’t self-sabotage my own progress. Everything is moving along very well just as predicted. Thanks again!! ” … written by Nona29

  16. Thanks Mr Kelly. You were so honest, no false hope. I will come back to you and let you know how it goes. I wish i had more credits,. Thanks for the reading. cheers” … written by missmel2011

  17. Still so great! Last prediction (which was not-so-good) indeed came to pass, but thankfully it worked out in the end and led to a stronger outcome which is currently being shown in my cards now. Moving right along with some continued great advice from MrKelly!! All of my readings with MrKelly have happened as predicted….I love the consistency!!! Highly Recommended!” … written by Nona29

  18. So, I though the previous not-so-good prediction had happened already. Boy, was I wrong. It actually happened this weekend. And it occurred just how Mrkelly originally saw it and the cards showed how I would feel about it…and yep, those feelings did occur. My update reading today was very interesting and I am looking forward to how this progresses!!! Thanks again!! My readings with MrKelly continue to be on this perfect little timeline. ” … written by Nona29

  19. An important prediction came to pass just as he saw from our last reading! Mrkelly has been a great adviser for me. He reads the cards and lets his intuition guide him. He has yet to be wrong for me and I love the connection and advice he continues to give!! Excellent reader who is honest and ethical!! Thanks once again!! ” … written by Nona29

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