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About mysticmarcella

Psychic mysticmarcella has 25-30 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic mysticmarcella has recently helped 4 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about mysticmarcella’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi, Welcome to Oranum,
Call me Marcella.
Please visit my ‘Free Chat’ often. Sign up to be notified when I am online.
‘Free Chat’ is the perfect place to learn about my style of Tarot reading, and if you feel it is a good fit; please order an email reading or connect with me for a Private online Reading.

I am an interpreter of tarot cards and a third generation mystic on the maternal side. The tarot cards are my visual tools connecting me with messages you need to hear. As an intuitive and an empath, I feel my way through traditional meanings and symbolism and then share with you a sense of direction and hope.
Maybe you feel you have gotten here by accident – I tend to believe there are very intimate and subtle vibrations or waves that nudge each other to make connections. So, I believe you are here, looking at this profile because you were meant to reach out.
My goal is NOT to tell your future but rather to provide guidance, CLARITY and reveal your greatest opportunity for growth and happiness along an immediate course or journey. I can help lead you to the best choices for personal progress and help you recognize the obstacles that may be preventing your success.
My readings are from a source that is truthful within me, and I may express caution to you at times, but I will not dwell on negativity. I believe that each challenge is there for a reason and I want to help choose the path of clarity, light, and purpose.

HINT for your Mystic Marcella reading:
Always make your inquiry to the Tarot about YOU….even if someone else is part of the question.
For instance – avoid this sort of question: ” Will my boyfriend make the soccer team?
Instead, phrase your question like this: ” My boyfriend is trying out for soccer, what can I do to help or support him during this time?”


► YES! I can….
———- Respond to your inquiry using the Tarot cards as a conduit to receive guided messages.
———- Connect you to these personal messages from the Universe that are meant for you to hear.
———- Help you understand the messages so you can make better choices as your life unfolds.

► NO, I can’t….
———- Contact those who have passed. I am NOT a medium.
———- Give you any legal advice or medical advice.
———- Predict the end of the world.

Your private reading starts with your inquiry and I will ask a few questions to gain focus and make the needed connections.
At that point I will recommend the number of cards needed for your reading.
Sometimes it is necessary to pull clarification cards to gain a better understanding of the messages presented by the cards in the context of your question.

◄✿◄✿◄✿◄✿◄✿—–BE PREPARED—–✿►✿►✿►✿►✿►

1.) Have a plain sheet of paper in front of you and a pencil.
Also, choose a book or magazine and place it at your side. Any book. I doesn’t matter.

2.) Write down one word that summarizes the subject of your inquiry.
* Love * Money * Career * Friendship * etc.
Write down the time frame you are inquiring about.
* 1 week * 1 month * 3 months * 1 year * etc.

3.) Write down your full question on a piece of paper and keep it in front of you.

4.) Grab the book beside you, read your question out loud while you open the book to a random page.
Look for the first number that hits your eye and write it down.

5.) Write down 2 more numbers. They can be any numbers, each up to 6 digits across.

6.) Type or speak the information to me when we start the private reading.
when typing, press enter after each item.
____ the one word subject
____ the time frame
____ the full question
____ the three numbers

Approximate time for the reading:
3 – 4 cards = 10 minutes
5 or more cards = 3 min per card plus
Clarification or additional questions may require more cards and more time.
Please have your tokens

◄***EMAIL READINGS***►Your email reading contains a 3 card spread with a possible fourth card of illumination. The text that accompanies your reading will be about 350 words per card. I meditate and make clear and intuitive connections between you, your inquiry, the cards, and the imprints that are presented to me. I am also very ‘hands on’ with the Tarot cards during a reading and I may create doodles around the cards to help record and articulate the those psychic imprints.

I have been gifted with a chance to view the ‘other side’ which means I had an NDE – Near Death Experience. I am happy to discuss the messages that were left with my consciousness from that experience especially if it will be comforting to those who’s circumstance involves a loved one who is facing death.
◄***I SEE 11:11***►

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