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Psychic mysticmike has 30- years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic mysticmike has recently helped 222 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about mysticmike’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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My name is Michael Treanor-Smith and I am one of the UK’s top Psychic mediums and I am a natural Medium, Tarot Card Reader, Paranormal Investigator and teacher, and I have been working in this field for over 30 years.

After a near-death experience at the age of 4, I started seeing spirit all around me. I mentioned it to my grandmother who was also clairvoyant and she confirmed I was seeing family members long-forgotten, who had never been mentioned to me. She then began to show me how to use crystals and playing cards to read people and also showed me psychometry (reading and object’s energy) and taught me how to scry in the fire and in her beer-froth!

At 18 I became a dancer and did readings for many celebrities and other dancers on the circuit. I became so popular that I gave up dancing and concentrated on my spiritual work, doing public shows and demonstrations.

I work alongside many British celebrity mediums such as Derek Acorah and Ian Lawman. I have given readings for many UK celebrities and I have appeared on several radio shows. I was showcased in the Best of British Mediumship alongside David Wells in 2009.

I work in partnership with my wife, and we are one of the UK’s foremost paranormal investigation teams, visiting haunted buildings throughout the UK most weekends. We also own a Spiritual Centre in the Cotswolds, where we run many classes in meditation and development.

I am also an animal whisperer and can answer questions on how your animal is feeling and why it is displaying challenging behaviour, by tuning in to it’s energy.

Do you want help with any of the following:-

Maisha ya mapenzi
Psychic and Spiritual Development
In-depth readings
Life-path readings

If you do, I can assist you.

I don’t believe that our life is set in stone – I believe we make our own decisions and set our own pathway. I see my job as helping you choose the right path with the aid of your spirit guide, but letting the decision rest with you.

I do have some rules in my room.

1. No cross boarding. This means, I will not tolerate members talking amongst themselves. This is done to prevent any confusion and also please remember, this is a PSYCHIC READING site. You can chat to your friends via MSN!


3. The site does not allow any free questions or tarot pulls. the free chat is designed to allow you to see how the site works and get to know the readers. It’s not to be rude, It’s just the rules.

If you feel drawn to me, then I would be happy to provide a one to one reading for you.

Hope to speak to you soon.

74 Maoni

  1. MysticMike is absolutely a blessing to Oranum..He is very wise and has no issues with connection …If you have any questions that need answering with love and honesty…youve found the right soul…..5stars” … written by LavinaLotus9

  2. I like mike a lot as a person and a lot of the things he says about you is genuine and u can take to the heart. I would have liked him to pay attention to my questions more but I think he just gets in the flow of telling u as much as possible that he forgets to look up. Good job mike u have a certain healing affect about u.” … written by loverpants

  3. Always informative.. and sincere.. we do have a special connection.. old past soul mates… until we meet again.. my friend.. stay safe…. be happy.. I know I will find my happieness soon… guidance is bringing him to me … so I have been told … .. I am waiting for andamp;The One andamp; .. ” … written by bberney

  4. Thank you MysticMike. You knew exactly what was going on in my life. Your words were very comforting. I recommend MysticMike and will definitely come back…” … written by redlips

  5. such an awesome guy .. helped me so much, gave me insight that nailed it … i will for sure come back to talk with him again …Thank you so much mike!” … written by shandamichelle

  6. Mike was great…knew everything I barely gave him any information at all. Thanks so much!! I would recommend him!! Thanks for making me see things for what they are..i will keep you posted.” … written by shancw69

  7. I went on line three times, and waited for a minute, but there was no one there. Please can you refund me the minutes and let me know when you are on line available, and I will contact you then.” … written by Plunkie

  8. Mike was very accurate in most things, amazingly knowing things without me saying anything. He spoke fluently, so answering the questions I had, even those that I had not thought of asking yet. He was also very gentle and impartial in his approach.” … written by Plunkie

  9. Oh my lord spot on wasn’t the word………i highly recommend u have a reading with mike brought tears 2 my eyes fantastic. Will def have another reading again. Thank u so much 🙂 xx” … written by gemma26

  10. Absolutely GREAT! Couldn’t imagine before that there is such a wonderful psychic. He is really GOOD! Thank you Mike, you helped me a lot. Your advices were as bread for me: necessary every day! ” … written by marxis79

  11. He was awesome.Helped me to start the recovery of a difficult break up.Gave me hope.I knew so much that i questioned within myself and thats the lessonhe helped me realize.I love oranum psychics.One Love!” … written by candee

  12. Thankyou so much for the reading was lovely ive got a hard decsison to make but it will be worth it and with mikes guideance it will be ok. He speaks the truth and is very calm and friendly.. thanks mike ” … written by jac

  13. Great reading. Helped me to look foward to the future. Told me im capable of great things just need to get out and do them. All I can say is. Very helpfull. Recomended to everyone here.” … written by coorsmann

  14. God he can actually look into your past present n future ! He told me things as if he’s lived those moments with me. Totally amazing. A must visit on this site ! Thanks.” … written by SAPNASHARMA100

  15. Thanks so much for the reading Mike. You were right on about me and the situations surrounding me. You’re right there have been significant changes in me already with many more to come irregardless of how others feel about it. Sorry, the chat dropped. Thanks again. :)” … written by Dumbfounded

  16. Wonderful reading with Mike. He was extremely helpful and picked up on everything going on around me. Thank you Mike, I will come back for another reading” … written by greekgoddess71

  17. wow… Oranum…. this man is a true Gem..I have the goosebumps right now….. he needs to be a Featured Reader …right now…. he is amazing… the entire time i was in the private room with him all I found myself writing was – YES.. YES…THATS RIGHT…. CORRECT….100% SPOT ON !!! this is all I told the man !!! other then my first name I told him nothing else… JUST MY FIRST NAME..after that I was blown away…. He is 100% ACCURATE… he is AMAZING !!! I am almost in tears as to how Inspired I am by his ability to perform such an accurate reading…HE IS GIFTED…. TRULY and I have had many many many many readings….my socks were blown off by this reader….” … written by Spare2012

  18. First person who started telling me about my life without me asking him a question. He so truthful, calm, accurate and makes you feel at ease. He has more answers about your life that you could ask for. BEST READING I EVER HAD! ( and I had plenty). Right on point. Thank you so much for clarity and honesty. See you soon. GOD BLESS.” … written by answers28

  19. I am amazed. Gave me details, didn’t waste time and didn’t play games. I will be using him again. I am very impressed with such an accurate reading. Thank you.” … written by blanca84

  20. This guy amazing…I had a tarot reading not too long ago, and he confirmed everything. Honestly gave me goosebumps! You will not regret getting a private reading from Mike. ” … written by enterchange

  21. just had to return with more time…. wow… this is one amazing reader….Nobody will be disappointed… he is a shining star… I just can not rave about him enough…mind blowing….10 stars !!!! again.. all i had to tell him was my name… no other info needed… and he was 100% ACCURATE…..he knew details…. THANK YOU.. an honor to have met you.. you have helped me tremendously….” … written by Spare2012

  22. I think Mikey is pretty good at feeling the other person he is reading, be it you or ur significant other.. but I would have liked him to answer my questions more and not so much just give what he gets and not pay attention to my questions.” … written by persianprincess

  23. WoW! So accurate it was scary. He really is the best. There are a lot of psychics on here, he is awesome. Take your time to pick the best, he is. Like dead on right about personality traits… don’t waste time with others, contact him right away!!” … written by olivia811

  24. awesome reading…i learned a lot about myself in a very short time..thanks for the incredible soul insights, mike…wish i had more time with you…i’ll definitely come back soon….” … written by lovefoxglove

  25. Some things he said were wrong but in a short time he told me a lot of right things. It is difficult in a short amount of time to see everything. But he has given me hope as he really described my situation and the man I love really well. Thanks Mike. ” … written by sunny3107

  26. Normally i don’t get into these sites but see advertisements all the time. I happened to see Mystic Mike and something about him brought my attention. I registered and sat andamp; listened for awhile so i could see if this was for real or not. Something about him I trusted very much. He seemed real, patient, and a very good person. It is unlike me but I just finished a private reading with him. He was on the mark. And he helped me understand things that i probably was denying but knew deep down. I enjoyed the reading very much and I feel good about the path I am on and how to make it better. How i can be the driver in my life. Thank you Mike! I will be back. I need to get a microphone since my typing is slow. I recommend Mystic Mike enthusiastically. And I’m not one to open up, but with him I felt very comfortable and it was very worth every minute. ” … written by gmp1111

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