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Psychic natalie1234 has 10-15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic natalie1234 has recently helped 307 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about natalie1234’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Welcome, my name is Natalie i am a third generation empath and tarot reader.

Free Chat Rules & What to Expect:

In free chat you can ask me about services i provide and enjoy chatting with me and other members.
If requested i would be happy to give advise as a close friend, however i will not tune in or use cards during this time.
Under Oranum policy, please be advised i do not provide free readings or yes/no answers.
However in the near future i will be doing demo readings.

I conserve energy by typing over speaking, but if asked i will speak in English or Polish so feel free to ask.
I do not like removing anyone from my room, but i will not hesitate should you act inappropriate.

Private Chat:

Depending on the spread, a minimum of 10 minutes is required for a reading.
I suggest that you come in open minded and honest as this will help me connect.
Prepare to provide your name, and the names of anyone else involved along with your area of focus for your reading.
My readings are always honest, non judgmental and compassionate.
I will never tell you what you want to hear, so do prepare for the truth.
During a reading i tune in using my intuitive gift along with the tarot as a tool.
After viewing the situation, i will explain what i see and the outcome of the current path.
I will advise you on available options, and will answer your questions in a timely manner, providing you with clarity and direction.

Maeneo ya utaalamu:

Upendo na Mahusiano
General Spreads
Self Discovery
Energy Reading
Life Path and Destiny
Email Reading

Question Example:

Where is my current path taking me?
How dose this person feel about me?
Is their potential in this relationship?
What should or shouldn’t i do regarding the following situation?

It is a important to know what you wish to obtain from a reading and what you can realistically expect, this will prevent un-satisfaction.

Please do not expect quick answers, miracles, contacting dead, names etc.
I do not advise on pregnancy or health issues, please contact a professional in that field.

Quick answers never solve problems, an effort is needed to obtain your desires.
I can present you with the information needed to choose your path but cant choose for you.

Personal History:

I grew up in Canada after leaving my birth country Poland at a young age.
A true gemini i have much passion for learning, adventure, arts, love and people.
At a young age I naturally tuned into surrounding energies with my heightened intuition.
Life struggles gave me grater understanding and compassion to humans, animals and nature.
The Tarot became a personal tool for my self awareness during teenage years, thereafter I discovered my gifts and interests are inherited from my Great-Grandmother.
Not until recently my path has been chosen by a higher being, i took notice of my destiny to help others by applying my gifts for the greater good.
My self discovery continues to progress with study and the wonderful support of my personal guide:)


I hold a strong interest in the dream world, and enjoy interpreting both spiritual and psychological dream, which i like to share with others.
I also experience prothetic dreams, a glimpse into future events and am further expanding this gift.
Some of my other interests are spell casting, telepathy, frequencies, crystals, angels/spirit guides, ghost hunting, astral travel, reincarnation, law of karma and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, I look forward to providing you with a private reading in the near future.
With love and blessings 🙂

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  1. I felt immediately comfortable to talk to Natalie and she had interesting insight to a very specific person . Her reading of my situation was pretty good. ” … written by vanillasmile82

  2. We connected very well. Very helpful and has a positive approach. Encouraging and inspiring. Made my day and left me feeling positively energized! Thumbs up!” … written by E-Motion

  3. Very sweet and kind reader! She’s very fast and accurate with her cards. I really appreciate her help and I’m looking forward to the future of what her cards have told me. I would definitely come back for another reading if things come up!” … written by tln292

  4. She is really cool and easy to talk with. Tuned in from the first second, and shed the light on the things I needed to see. She will not waste your time. Highly recommend to try – she is a real deal! 5***** ~~~ hugs ~~~” … written by hugs2020

  5. wow I think there is something to this she knew right off that i lost someone. i will be back to see her. need more info. I believer she game me something to look forward to.” … written by derf1962

  6. thank you so much Natalie you are AWESOME, took so much time with me on our chat and yes you shed a lot of light on what we talked about tonight with me and Van. I am so very greatful that GOD brought me to you to help me thank you thank you and may GOD AND THE ANGELS KEEP YOU DOING WHAT YOU DO TO HELP OTHERS YOU R MY ANGEL NATALIE” … written by vansangyl

  7. She is fantastic and right on point. Told me about the present conditions and how they will lead to the future. I am a believer and highly recommend. She is fast and answered all questions!! I would definitely go back for more and I highly recommend her!!” … written by peachybeez

  8. Nice smile, quite the charmer. Readings were mostly things I have seen and heard before from horoscopes. I guess part of my confusion regarding this reading was that I didn’t ask the right questions. All in all, the reading was worth the amount I spent. 4 out of 5 stars (just because no one is perfect hehe).” … written by maravilloso002

  9. She is the great psychic ! she says to the point and it was very accurate. i didnt told her any thing and she told me all solution to my problems. she didnt waste my time. she was very fast. i am so happy to have reading finally with such a best psychic on Oranum. ” … written by Leonardo

  10. Best reading i ever had , she is very accurate and didnt waste my time. she give me very precise cards and result for my problems. soon i will visit again. i gave 5/5 marks” … written by Arthur

  11. After such long time i found very best psychic on oranum. she was so right about my situation and feeling and she have given me unbelieveable solution for my life. i am really satisfied with the reading.” … written by Leon

  12. i have wasted time with many psychics but after taking reading with natalie i am totally satisfied. she give me the real true reading about my career and path. she told me about my love life so correct and it helps me improve my life a lot. I highly recommend this psychic.” … written by Leo

  13. I was so confused in my life and she gave me clear direction. It came true in just 2 days. I am so satisfied after having reading with Natalie. She is a wonderful psychic.” … written by Arthur

  14. What a great psychic! She has so much insight and is very clear and explains so that I can further understand my options. I trust her and look forward to seeing my options unfold. Thanks Natalie, you’re the best!” … written by Texasb2b

  15. She is so true, she reads me very accurate and picks up my energy. I have never seen such accurate psychic, she show me the right direction and I am successful. She is the best psychic on Oranum.” … written by Arthur

  16. Really, good, on target, an empath, quick responses. She did know things that i have not tell her. I was amazed by her gift and strongly recommend a private reading with her:)) I will be coming back… Thank you:)” … written by milona

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