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Psychic OwlWitchRiver621 has 10-15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic OwlWitchRiver621 has recently helped 18 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about OwlWitchRiver621’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello friends! My name is River Owl Sunsong. Most call me River. I am a Witch, I cast spells, I look into the past (and the future). I practice Magik. I like to consider myself as an Eclectic Witch, meaning I don’t stick to one type of practice or one branch of the craft. I like to take a little bit from most beliefs (Wicca, Buddhism, Grecian and Egyptian mythologies etc…) and combine them all to make my own spirituality.

I first became interested in Magik at a young age. I saw a movie that was not overbearing with Hollywood’s special effects. I saw that Magik was real and that anyone, even I, could use it. I started searching for how to “learn Magik.” I found other movies, some books, and then as Angels (told you I was eclectic) sang above me, I found the internet. In middle school, I began to study Magik. I found quickly that one does not just “do” Magik. I would, over the course of the next several years, learn about how real Magik works. I’m one to believe that no one is ever too old to learn something new. So as I grew into a young woman I tried to meet older people with more experience. I began to try more difficult tasks. I now, nearing the turning of the 1st quarter of my life, am confident in myself, not only as a psychic, but also as a true eclectic witch.

So what did I study? I started with spells (as would any young girl) and it didn’t take me long to realize that I was not ready to just dive in. So I began researching subject by subject, building a collection of Magikal Reference that would tell me anything I needed it to, at any given moment. My B.O.S., Book of Secrets … But we’ll get to that shortly.

Now… what it’s truly all about; what I can do for you.

*I can read the energies of people, animals, things and even situations. These energies can help me to help you. Energy IS Magik. It is what gives us life. It is a beautiful gift, as well as an excellent tool, if used with care and focus.

*I can read ancient runes. The Elder Futhark of the Norse. I give general multiple types of rune readings: single draw (only one pulled from the bag at a time) to answer specific; overview (a lay out of a few) for a general idea of the situation and how to fix it; quick look (5 pulled) past, present, future, situation at hand, and outcome; attention to details (several pulled and laid out in specific patterns) for a wide range of in depth situations, such as Romance, or Finance; full-force (every rune pulled) one at a time to make a single reading, done as I pull runes from the bag.

*I can cast spells for you and help you with all your own Magikal workings anytime of the year. I pride myself in having a wide range of magikal knowledge and reference in my B.O.S. Everyone who takes me into private readings will have the opportunity to gain some of those secrets. Those in my Free Chat Room will get sneak peeks to all that the Magikal Book contains.

*I can feel, check, and heal your chakras all through chat. I have a lot of chakra experience and I enjoy working with them. Along the same lines, I am well acquainted with Reiki and other similar healing arts and energies and can send them to you, loved ones, pets, even places or events.

*I can help you’re sex life. I have a particular knack for issues of a sexual nature. I love to see healthy sexual love. I want to help you achieve that with your partner, whoever they may be. I’m pro-love. I can help you learn new ways to explore your sexuality and yourself.

*I can help you through hard times. I am here for you. I’m here to help you. I want you to click away from me feeling better about yourself, situation and life. I happily answer 1 (one) yes or no question per person in my Free Chat every day. Everyone. For Free. I’ll be your friend, for free. I will listen, talk and help you smile again, for free. Private Chats give you more information and help you solve issues in your life. Free Chat gives you an opportunity to get to know me, and gives me the honor of getting to know you.

*I can promise you that I will NEVER judge you or discriminate against you. That I will NEVER lie to you so that you will pay me more. I can promise that I will tell you honestly how I feel about a situation, and not just what you want to hear. That I will listen to what you have to say, every time. That I will love you as my brother or my sister simply because your blood is red. I will promise that the help I can give you is more important than the money you can give me. That everyone is welcome into my Free Room, or my Private Chats. I promise to tell you if I do not know an answer, and to help find someone who does.

I want to be your friend. I want to help you find Clarity. That’s why I’m here. I cannot wait to meet you, get to know you, help you and maybe become your new favorite witch!

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  1. Owlwitch is fantastic! Loved my reading with her, she is very positive and upbeat and gives exactly what she gets with no sugarcoating!You definitely should have pvt with her…” … written by marion

  2. River is awesome! I enjoyed her reading very much. She was spot on. She revealed tons of accurate information without me saying anything. I walked away from the reading ready to soul search, do the work and have my total happiness. She deserves way more than just 5 stars! Thank you very much! ” … written by hopefull11

  3. So much fun learning new things with River! I look forward to more readings with her! She is very kind, fun and easy to talk to and get along with. Great advice and wisdom. :)” … written by BellaDecadance

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