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Psychic psychicdutchess has 10-15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychicdutchess has recently helped 129 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychicdutchess’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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*********LIFE AND RELATIONSHIP EXPERT*************..Hi my name is Dutchess. I’m the third generation psychic born with a gift to help others. I have helped many people through the years. I work from the engery of compassion and optimism helping you find clarity in relationship and focus in lifes matters my main purpose is being here is to offer guidance all aspects of life. I provide the past,present,future as well as secific question answered. I can help evaluate your priorites and help you choose your life path, reach profound insight and unlock your full potential. Dutchess will help you find your inner self and peace.i will let you know what he or she is thinking and if that person is your soulmate.what is the area best for your busniess why is your heart not opening to others?i will open your spirit and guide you to the message that you need to know….iI use my gifts as an Intuitive and Empath, my skills as a Psychic, my adeptness as an Energy Healer and the art of the Tarot to offer caring readings that provide insight, clarity and guidance. My abilities arise from an inner knowing that there is much more to life than the physical. I am also a life coach and relationship specialist and have an extensive work background and years of experience to assist you on any matter. I’m compassionate and energetic, and my mission is to help you understand where you are now and how to get where you want to be in life. I will help you to focus, to adapt and to constantly strive for improvement on your road to achieving your goals. I will work with you on a deeper level by understanding your values, beliefs and the issues that stopped you from moving forward. Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with answers to your life’s questions, and I look forward to helping you along your journey. Taking thought beyond that which it is, …

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  1. Wow. She blew me away. She understood what I am going through and she told me things she could not have known about soul mates. God bless her. I will be back.” … written by jswede1149

  2. Wow… all I can say is wow. She nailed everything to the point where I was in shock and awe. SHOCK AND AWE! The more she spoke the more it was true, and it never stopped amazing me! I will definitely… most definitely… go back and give her an update and hopefully read with her again! Highly recommend!” … written by wing-mei

  3. Wow… she is really really good… she knew so many things that are going on it is scary… Very sweet and quick to answer… Try her so glad I did :)” … written by butterflywings10

  4. I asked a few questions, but mostly she just was off and running about so much and was so very accurate about everything! Answered ALL my questions without me even bringing some subjects up!! I am floored by her! Highly recommend her. Amazing! ” … written by HiJinks

  5. She was unreal and picked up on so much without hardly any info at all. She told me exactly how I had been feeling. I will definitely she her again. She is also very sweet and loving,” … written by thedawnofanew

  6. She is the BEST one on this site, believe me I have had readings with many people on the site and she is by far the best. She tells it like it is, accurate tells you thinks that no one else could possibly know. It was an awesome and mind blowing experience. I loved this psychic, never has a psychic made me feel like this before I met her. I Highly highly recommend her.” … written by DuttyLove249

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVED….THIS READING. she was absolutely spot on. her insight was tremendous and i fully intend to come back for advice. thank u so much dutchess.” … written by foreverblessed

  8. I wasn’t able to add more credits in time but psychicdutchess was wonderful! She really is one of the best and is very accurate. She has a way of understanding and explaining your situation very well. I enjoyed the reading and will probably be back very soon :)” … written by guriwo


  10. She tuned into my main issues straight away, and understood what i was feeling. Was easy to sit and just listen, and i didnt need to tell her anything. Just confirmed what she said. She pinpointed some dates and looking forward to see if things will progress like she said.’I will be back” … written by barbie_campbell

  11. Wonderful fantastic and the best one on here! She knows you the minute she starts talking to you. Clicks right in on your situation, She is also so loving and kind and you know she really cares! Can’t say enough about how wonderful she is. You have to just try a reading and then you will know too. Thank you Dutchess!! ” … written by thedawnofanew

  12. The whole time i kept on saying yes u r right…amazing…spot on for everything. i’ve talking to a lot of psychic on here but she is one of a kind. very nice and caring and straight to the point.” … written by winterhot

  13. THE BEST!! She picked up on everything. Simply amazing! Was kind of freaked out 🙂 but in the best way possible. Thank you so much! She is very kind and a wonderful person.” … written by Jen

  14. I cried because she was so right on. I cannot beleive she hit the nail on the head that much. It’s like she was with me this past year. Thank you, I am forever grateful and i will return! xox” … written by sweetangel1231

  15. Very good experience about her and I believe she knows her stuff surely. We did only short reading but perhaps later I will have chance to take longer reading. Anyway she is good. Thank you.” … written by epilock

  16. Wow, she nails things again! That’s why I keep coming back to her! I feel so much better after talking to her it’s amazing! I continue to recommend her to everyone, because wow! Awesome! Highly recommend!” … written by wing-mei

  17. Dutchess is not only accurate but udnerstanding as well. She was able to pick up on things I did not tell ehr and give me insight into a situation that I did not have :)” … written by daydreamer246

  18. There’s a reason why I go to Dutchess. She always nails things on the head and really makes a lot of sense. The changes coming up, I can prepare for, and I’m so glad I went to her! And I’m going to keep going back to her! Highly recommend!” … written by wing-mei

  19. Omg best money I have ever spent I left this room in tears! I wanted the truth and she gave it to me without me saying a word she explained my whole situation, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!” … written by heather08

  20. She is Such a Real Person who … was on point …. Like talkn to a Bestfriend …. She is awsome , I must say I Highly recommend her to anyone that needs real true honest guideness and No sugarcoating …. Thank U , and will b back for updates … ” … written by Nessa31

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