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Psychic psychicsun has 15-20 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychicsun has recently helped 230 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychicsun’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Note: I do not answer questions or do free readings in my free chat room. I believe there must be an exchange in everything we do in life. Please be polite and respectful in my free chat room and feel free to ask questions about the work I do. Thanks everyone for your time.

Greetings Members and Guests,

My name is PsychicSun. I read Russian Gypsy Cards and a Psychic Message Board and I would love to tell you a little about myself and what I do.

When I was 18, some 25 years ago I began to feel as though I was on a Psychic Quest. I spent a great deal of time in mystic and gemstone stores searching for something at the time not quite sure what that was. I found a set of Russian Gypsy Cards which I fell in love with and begun learning about them and reading for friends. I seemed to have a natural understanding of what these cards were telling me. Whilst beginning to have children I continued to learn and grow. When my children were small I moved to a country town and begun reading for friends. As I got better and better more and more people started calling me and asking me to read for them. I started a small business from home reading and became quite successful at it. I was invited to many expos and parties to read and really enjoyed the spiritual transfusion one can receive from reading for someone.

With my Russian Gypsy Cards and the other tools I use, mentioned below, I can answer questions in regards to;

- Upendo



-Movement (roof and travel)


Also many emotions such as;





My understanding of them generally will get us to the bottom of your issues very quickly and always will put a positive slant on your thinking and how to deal with situations. They help to make you feel strong, confident and in control of your life. Basically whatever is happening now and in the near future I will know. If you come to a private reading with me and I hope you do, it only takes a few moments to have your Russian Gypsy Cards spread for you and away we go.

My Russian Gypsy Cards work mostly within a short period of time, around 3 months or so. I also superseded the training in the book provided and began to learn exact time periods and also what it meant to have pictures connected to one another. The Gypsies are a beautiful set of cards consisting of 50 pictures involving nature, animals, people etc. They are particularly helpful for people who are troubled by something and almost have a meditation feeling to them when you are in a reading with them.

I do have many other tools such as my psychic message board, my tarot, cartomancy. I have studied dreams with dream books and dictionaries for years and understand dreams and believe they are messages from spirit. It is the one time they can get you to listen to them, when you’re asleep. I also enjoy astrology and have some knowledge there. I also see visions and spirit chat with me usually with all my tools.

When in my chat room please take the time to get to know me so I can have the opportunity to do the same. I love my chat room; we are always having a laugh or discussing something interesting. I believe both guests and members come to my room for a reason, what is yours? Maybe I can help with something. Please always have manners in any chat room and I do expect them in mine. We are here to learn and laugh.
I hope you enjoy Oranum as much as I do, it is always a joy to be reading here.

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  1. Some of the things she said i couldn’t believe she picked up on because she was so accurate!!!!it was a great consultation! i could say nothing any less of her, i really felt like we connected. Thank you Sun for your time! ” … written by deelove

  2. Sun knew my name, my actual name before I had a chance to say it and threw me for a loop because that has NEVER happen! She is as beautiful as her smile and had me to a T in the reading! I can’t not wait to speak with Sun again. Praises be, thank you Sun. Love, light and continued blessing! Gonna start looking for that little black dress 8-)” … written by Oshi-NYC

  3. OH how I love her!!!!!!!!! She’s amazing!!!! She can see things without your needing to tell her….she can feel your feelings!!!! She’s just such a blessing!! Thank u Sun!!!!!” … written by DaphneLGerry

  4. As always – a lovely reading with such a gifted psychic. She is an amazing reader who provides specific details and a positive outlook. All the stars in the galaxy for her :)!! ” … written by sacredlove71

  5. brilliant thank you so much …………. made me cry and laugh at the same time, very hornest and straight to the point ………………… thank you so much xxxx” … written by firefly12

  6. Very positive reading. Psychic sun is very comforting and very genuine. I hope her predictions come to pass. She is right to the point and provides continuious information. Thankyou Psychicsun and good luck with your journeys. ” … written by Tarebear19

  7. She is suchs a sweet, kind, considerate and loving psychic sun shine. I love her reading cause it is going to happen real soon as she had proved it when she did in free chat for the first couple of times. I love you psychic sun shines, God Bless You and take care of yourself too, have a great day and always keep smiling my sun shines” … written by affinity2you

  8. Whoa! Had a wonderful reading with Sun. Really really amazing. I’m just remembering things she said to me. She used a few analogies that were so random, so weird, even she admitted she didn’t understand her analogies. However, three of those andamp;quot;randomandamp;quot; metaphors were actually predictions that came true, within a few days! Not even a week! She didn’t even know that they were predictions, she just chuckled away at the randomness of it all, but gosh darn it, she predicted some far-fetched randomness that came through!! Thanks Sun!! Can’t wait to come back 😀 ” … written by Ohhh Yes

  9. She was awesome! Definitely shed light on a few things which are going on in my life. She was awesome and a beautiful spirit! I would definitely recommend her. She was very patient and willing to answer all of my questions. Thank you so much! :-)” … written by Tishiab

  10. Great reading of the cards!! She picked up on things that I know to be true. Things that I have just come to know just recently myself. A very realistic and honest reading which is what I look for in a reading. Gave me some great and useful advice! Highly recommend! ” … written by Nona29

  11. Wow Psychicsun is such a sweetheart I really enjoy my reading full of accuracy and very detailed. Can’t wait to forsee what it’s coming for me..highly recommended I give her 5*****” … written by Lucy117

  12. Psychicsun is a really genuine and fantastic reader, she goes into great depth and highlights all so clearly. Just with one attempt she managed to know what my surname is, because its not a common surname being Peres this really confirmed how good a psychic she really is. She is also a very lovely and positive lady..she is definitely worth every penny. The reading i had with her was the best i have had with Oranum…” … written by msaries

  13. She is wonderful. I got to hear from Doris,someone that past away andamp;amp; I love so much. Psychicsun has helpped me so much. I’m so glad I have her as my psychic andamp;amp; as a friend.” … written by MsMaria1

  14. Love my sunny :)…she brings such a wonderful and warm reading every time :)! Spot on with dates and predictions. Many have come to pass already. Well worth every penny!” … written by chocolate chili pepper

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