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Psychic Spirit007 has 10-15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Spirit007 has recently helped 406 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Spirit007’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Welcome to my profile page! My name is Alex, I am a natural clairvoyant/clairaudient/clairsentient. I offer powerful ‘Spiritual Intuitive Counseling Sessions’ to help you improve your life by helping you see your own true potential. I work directly with my guide Ancesora (Angie) and I also work with the guides’ of my clients. The focus of my practice is devoted directly to soul development and the realization of self. I am here to help souls identify roadblocks hindering proper learning and advancement.

We sometimes fall off our intended course, I’m here to help get you back on track-at a spiritual level. I also use angel/ playing(divination) cards, a pendulum, and a mancala board as tools for my readings. My mancala board is a sacred masterpiece of mine as it allows me to tap into the six houses or pods of your life. Within each house I am able to witness past, present, and future visions, validations, or predictions. The names of the respected houses are as follows:

Career and Prosperity (Green)

Self-Relationship/ Knowledge (Blue)

Spirituality/ Wisdom (Violet)

General Physical Health/ Life (Yellow)

Love/ Intimacy (Red)

Social, Familial, and General Relationships (White)


Kwa kujipanga katika maeneo tofauti ya maisha yako, naweza kuona kwa urahisi kukosekana kwa usawa kuzuia ukuaji wa kiroho. Nilisoma na ruhusa tu. Siwezi kugonga tu kwa watu bila mpangilio isipokuwa wako na kibali chao kinapewa. Isipokuwa kwa sheria hii ni ikiwa uharibifu mkubwa ulifanyika kwa mwingine na habari inahitajika kutoa dalili au habari nyingine ambayo inaweza kusaidia au kusaidia utekelezaji wa sheria katika kukamatwa au haki ya mtu anayehusika. Isipokuwa mwingine ni maswali ambayo yamefungwa kwa uhusiano unaomshirikisha mteja. Lazima kuwe na, kwa maneno mengine, uelewa mzuri kwa niaba yangu kwanini habari hiyo inaruhusiwa kutolewa.

I have an oath with my creator and the Universe that I will obey a strict code of ethical adherence when using the board in order to prevent any negative contamination. Having these gifts comes with enourmous responsibility. I have to make sure that all I do is for the greater good because anything otherwise would carry significant repercussions I personally prefer to stay away from. So, I only use my mancala board with the highest of intentions by adhering to a strick philosophy. That is, I must keep my vibrations as high as possible while avoiding situations where my energy could potentially become contaminated. My work is very important to me so I make sure I do everything possible to keep myself both physically and spiritually clean. As a result, my mancala board provides for pretty accurate validations and positive, life-changing clarity…




I have been giving intuitive readings since I was 17. My focus is the bigger picture. I aim to be compassionate, straightforward, and professional. I am deeply impassioned with what I do-I believe I’ve been doing it for lifetimes.

I am about bridging the down-to-earth mentality with that of the spiritual. These two entities collide in logic and theory and this conflict mirrors a significant split in my personality. I have become better at bridging these two worlds and making sense of them. Learning self-control, humility, and coming to terms with my ‘gift’ were my greatest obstacles. I can especially help those who feel ‘lost’ or ’empty.’ It is a mission of mine to help others find and understand their purpose.

I used to think that I was just really good at figuring people out till one day I started channeling in and picking up on specific numbers, names, or events in detail. Honing in on ones’ intentions and motives has always been my niche.

I eventually sought counsel from one of the most respected Psychics’ here in my hometown area. Bill Lynn is known as the “Psychic’s Psychic.” He informed me that I had long possessed strong intuitive abilities. Soon after, I became more involved in metaphysics and spiritualism and decided to join a Spiritualist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. There I gave readings, provided spiritual counseling, and connected clients with loved ones who have passed.

My ultimate satisfaction is when a client walks away from a reading feeling more confident and aware of his or her purpose.


(Sifanyi vielelezo vya upendo vinavyolenga kumlazimisha mtu akupende. Ninaamini aina hii ya ibada sio ya kikaida, ninayo lawama. Inavuna Mchawi mweusi ambayo inaweza kusababisha uchafuzi wa roho au ufisadi. Udanganyifu wa hiari ya hiari ni uhalifu wa kiroho.)


*Please Be Aware: There may be possible, but infrequent moments where our spirit guides’ will deliberately set up “blocks.” In such cases, information will seem inaccessible to me. This is usually done to protect you from knowing something that could disrupt any current karmic lessons. I will be upfront and advise you of when this happens hence, it is unusual.


– EMAIL READINGS: Please attach a picture if you can with your email reading for greater accuracy. I can answer up to 5 specific questions per email reading or up to 2 general questions. My email readings are quite lengthy and thorough…


If I am not online, I highly recommend you consult my good friend LavinaLotus!! 😀 I can also recommend other great readers on this site in private as well.


***SITE DISCLAIMER*** – Psychic services on “are not recognized scientifically and therefore no results can be guaranteed. Said services are not fit for all purposes, they should be viewed as entertainment only.” Also, medical advice cannot be guaranteed as well. Always consult a licensed physician for medically-related inquiries or concerns.


If you see me online, feel free to stop by my free chat room. For further insight into how I work, please read ‘member said about me’ to read first-hand testimonials.

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  1. Gave me some real piece of mind during the second reading. think I can sleep now. Thanks Spirit007 I do believe you have a real gift. Hope to see my chart via email. I felt your real concern and and care about my situation and you also gave me some real hope concerning my daughter and grandson. blessings and love, love” … written by becca13

  2. Spirit007 is so nice and sweet! He has a wonderful spirit with great energy! He first told me some things about myself before I asked my questions which was impressive. His chat room is so fun and loving-I enjoy being in his room! He’s not sarcastic as some psychics on here are. He makes me feel like he’s a really great friend already that I can tell anything to! I can’t wait until he is back online! If you are looking for a genuine caring psychic, I would recommend Spirit007!” … written by Kayeluv1

  3. Thank you so much for helping me figure out what’s going on in my life. You really gave me clarity and actually made me feel more at ease with my situation. Real cool guy. Totally recommend him!!!” … written by Rachael19

  4. He is awesome with all the questions far ahead beyond the limits he tells you everything he knows with his psychic ability predictions. I’m happy to have met him. Very sweet honest and loving guy is Alex. Thank you so much to enlightend my life and inform about the possibility in my journey too.” … written by miss_wondering

  5. Spirit is wonderful. He has a masterful gift. He is focused and gives his undivded attention. He connects well, and will only speak the truth. He also provides guidance and offers advice on the next step. I will definitely return for my life’s update. I have already added him to my favortes. Talk with you soon!” … written by kaydi3

  6. I cannot say enough about this man who possess a powerful gift. Spirit has guided me in a prior situation and was not wrong with his advice and guidance. He was totally connected with me, where he spoke out of his mouth what I was typing before I entered it into the queue. Spirit’s gift is strong. During the session he offers his total undivided attention. I trust his gift. Adjectives to describe Spirit are…Superb…Excellent…Fantastic and Phenomenal!. I will be back time and time again. Thank you Spirit for allowing yourself to be open to the spirit world, for souls like me definitely benefit from your gift. I truly, truly appreciate you.” … written by kaydi3

  7. He connects easily! He told me I had two children which I do. He was able to tell me things for validation purposes. He told me the truth as well. Which helped me. Thanks. I will follow up with him again!” … written by lexie622

  8. Have you ever felt like you’ve known a certain person for a long time, but have only met them relatively recently? Well that’s exactly how I feel about Spirit. Even before he really knew anything about me, he tuned into certain characteristics that I have that I have been in denial about for a long time and he was able to see deep into my soul and tell me exactly what has been bothering me for awhile as well as the unhappiness and confusion that I’ve been experiencing of late. I don’t know how he does it, but what I do know is that what he tells me comes from his heart and is what he feels would be best for me during this time of transition, self assessment, and self betterment. He always tells me the truth no matter how much I may hate it. And whenever I enter his free chat, I end up knowing more than I did when I first enter it. He is not just a spiritual advisor, but he’s also a teacher, and an incredible one at that and I also gain a sense of enlightenment after I talk to him. And thank you Spirit for your faith and belief in me.” … written by gatorsd531

  9. Very nice reading with Spirit007., He was able to tap into my situation right away. Very informative insightful and lots of details. Also able to confirm certain things. Felt better after talking to him. Would recommend getting a reading with him.” … written by Tanny6

  10. wow he picked up on something I already new in my heart regarding the loss of my sister. He was so amazing I cried good tears picked up also on my past and gave me the best news ever I will be waiting on it 🙂 and will be back for more as I need it wow thanks again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” … written by crystalblueeyes

  11. great great great. im so happy now 🙂 i have more clarity about a few things that were really confusing me. i know more of what i should do and where i should go from where i am right now. thank you spirit007!” … written by iwatchthesunrise

  12. I went in with an open mind and came out of the reading with watery eyes. I felt as if you connected with me on a soul level. You gave great advice and i’m now looking forward to building a plan of action to help me in the future. Peace be with you :)” … written by Sephios2424

  13. His gifts are genuine. He confirmed his clairvoyance with the use of his cards and board. The reading is fulfilling in the sense that he will cover all major areas of your life. He was extremely professional and did not waste any time. Everything he said was valuable. I recommend him highly and look forward to speaking with him again. ” … written by Anonymous

  14. Really amazing. Excellent, calm, peaceful, loving, sweet, and OMG is he accurate. I could have read with him for hours more! Thank you Spirit, can’t wait until our next reading Xx . 5 stars” … written by Theresa

  15. Love commuicating with Spirit. He predicted that a certain thing would come to pass, and it did. I am looking forward to this next prediction to come to pass. Thanks a million!” … written by kaydi3

  16. He is a completely honest, caring, and warm-hearted guy who been nothing short of wonderful to me. He’s very compassionate and his words are heartfelt and they strike me straight to my core. He says things that even the people who I consider to be close to me don’t even know about me, which is something that has always amazed me about him. And sometimes it takes a certain someone to point out something that has been staring you right in the face all along. His God given abilities are absolutely incredible and are worth seeing for yourself. I will absolutely be back to talk to him as I am beginning my journey towards the life that I’ve always wanted for myself. Thank you for all of your belief and faith in me. It means more to me than words could possibly express.” … written by gatorsd531

  17. This guy was a perfect gentleman and enjoyed him so much. He is up to date with his techniques and kind. I will use his services again and he has top rating in my book!” … written by choxie1

  18. Just wanted to say thanks to Alex and to let you know I appreciate the reading you were so on point. You have a really good soul I can tell. Hope to be talking with you again soon. Thank you!!!!” … written by jleigh76


  20. This is my third reading with him and the thing that has stayed with me throughout all of them is his unwavering faith and belief in me. Whenever I want to give up he makes sure that I stay positive and focus on myself before letting anyone into my life. And throughout all of the chaos and confusion in my life, he has remained a steady, calming, and comforting force that has helped keep me from losing my sanity. He’s also become a close friend of mine and I know that he genuinely cares about me, my past, present and future. And what he has told me has brought me chills. I will forever be grateful to him for everything that he’s done for me. ” … written by gatorsd531

  21. Spirit 007 is always spot on with his predictions! Two have come to pass. I will continue to return to gain insight on my path. He is honest and sincere with his guidance. Thanks a million, I will be back with an update.” … written by kaydi3

  22. He basically read me my whole life in 12 mins. lol…Amazing. I wanted a little more insight into one part but he answered everything going on in my crazy head…. I will be back for a follow up… Thanks!!” … written by Aphradize

  23. spirit007 has given me more insight on my purpose here to help my love, John and my deceased husband, Keith. I am an instrument that brings harmony and love to their worlds.” … written by rooster051

  24. I love the fact that he knows me like the back of his hand. What he says has been nothing but spot on. He’s helped me grow into the person that I am right now. I can’t even begin to express just how thankful I am to know this man. My self-awareness has increased dramatically through all of our talks. And above all he always puts my mind and heart at ease especially when I feel like I’m going to lose it.” … written by gatorsd531

  25. Wow moment, he opened the book of my life and read it chapter by chapter. Simply put he is amazing on the things that he picks up and see. Thank you so much for giving me a moment to go back in time and relive a special moment in time.” … written by faith4me777

  26. I had a very insightful reading with with Spirit007. He connected with me very well and was very sensitive about my situation. He also provided lots of details and information . This is my second reading with him. He is definitely a 5 star Excellent Reader. I would recommend getting a reading with him.” … written by Tanny6

  27. He’s absolutely amazing and his heart is in the right place. He’s helped me in becoming the person that I am right now. It wasn’t easy for me to admit to the fact that I need to improve myself and he made it evident that this was the best for me. And I honestly know that what he says is in my best interest. He wouldn’t tell me otherwise. He’s become a close friend who I feel I can tell anything to knowing full well that he will understand it and give me his honest opinion/advice whenever he feels that I need it. I find his compassion and sensitivity to be incredibly inspiring. ” … written by gatorsd531

  28. Absolutely awesome, he not only gave me the answers I needed at this moment, but he brought peace to my soul with all the messages he gave me from the Angels. God Bless you Alex seventy times seventy!” … written by rinagm

  29. Great reading a lot of things covered and a lot of insight into the type of person that I am… spot on with what he said like this psychic a lot.. thank you once again :)” … written by f999111

  30. The picture that he painted of me in the very beginning of all of our sessions is very different from the one that he’s seeing now. And he’s been a guiding force in the emergence of the new ME. Not only do I notice these changes, but also the people around me are beginning to notice it too. And whenever they ask me what has gotten into me I tell them that there a man who is a complete God sent who’s been helping me with this. This new ME is no longer content with just letting everything pass me by. I now have the strength to go after what I want and I have you to thank for helping me to find that strength. ” … written by gatorsd531

  31. Another nice reading by Spirit007. Very insightful and compassionate. Able to provide lots of information before you tell him anything. I totally recommend him. Thank you Alex!” … written by Tanny6

  32. Thanks Spirit what you said makes sense and is helpful for me to clarify somethings that have been confusing to me. Also, you made me laugh and I so needed a chuckle.” … written by 10faygo71

  33. Truely amazing and over whelming…I just entered the room and he started telling me about myself…he is very genuine by heart, he took all the details in free chat and then we entered private, also when the session ended he dint leave that in between and continued in free chat…I have never seen any other psychic doing that here…it just shows that he is so honest towards his work…and his connections are awesome…Thank you spirit..” … written by bubblygirl

  34. I could not ask for a better reading in very clear direction on where i need to go. I feel very confident that this reading i will remember for years to come. I think this advise I can take with me , grow and learn. I will advise anyone to talk to Spirit007 before searching. Thank you dearly!” … written by ModelChristina

  35. WOW, he is amazing! He can immediately connect with your energy, and tell you everything right on… I will definitely come back for a second reading. He is awesome!” … written by rinagm

  36. Oh boi oh boi , i was very please with his readingeven though it was short time on my end .i would take what your saying wisely and try to be more patience.thank you so much Spirit007 we will speak soon.” … written by zaidkai

  37. Was able to demonstrate a good connection from the beginning to prove his abilities – made me believe in what the cards said. Personality details and names given. Highly recommended!!!” … written by Justmebeingme


  39. He can tell you so much about what is going on in your life in just seconds of private chat! VERY quick! Very understanding too! I really can believe how conected he was to me. Like he was in my head! I will be back when I have fixed the things he says I need to work on. Everything he has told me in the past has come true!” … written by NJSims2000

  40. Really amazing at picking up on everything. I will definitely get another reading with him. Simply excellent. I highly recommend everyone to give him a try, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you again, and God bless.” … written by sweetstephy31

  41. Omg!! very interesting and thorough. answered all my questions on my angels and spirit guides. I’ll definately be back. 007 was seriously spot on! Thank you dear man 🙂 x” … written by mdemos

  42. I cannot believe that he picked up on something totally out of left field that no one knows about. This completely concretes my belief in “The Spirits”. Thank you!!!!” … written by LaEsaMaxi87

  43. He was amazing, he was so patient and took his time with me, it was kinda hard for me to understand in the beginning, but he explained a lot to me so I shall def be back to talk to him and let him know what has happen and hope he was right!! He seemed very intuitive and helpful so we shall see being time frames were are a little ways away thanks for your time your the best! I’ll keep you posted!” … written by stephanie midanek

  44. He was excellent and very much on the mark about my issues and questions. picked up on the situation very quickly and addressed everything. gave me some things to look forward to in the future, my situation is very emotional and painful.” … written by becca13

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