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Psychic spiritualsun has 20-25 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic spiritualsun has recently helped 368 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about spiritualsun’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi everyone – my home is undergoing some much needed renovations, and unfortunately the lack of electricity on some days, and the banging of the hammers and such has put a big damper on my schedule. I’ll be online as often as I can, and as much as I can, but the days and times will be sporadic depending on what is happening. I can tell you that I am already missing everyone in Free Chat! I hope all is going well for each and everyone of you, and that you’ll keep checking in and remember to be grateful for all the little things in life, and keep your vibrations HIGH! I am still doing Email readings – so feel free to Email me a question!

Welcome to my profile, and I hope you will spend some time with me in Free Chat, Many people ask if I am really as sincere as I seem, I am and I hope after having a private reading with me you will continue to check in with me and let me know how you are doing.

Kidogo juu yangu:

I am a PSYCHIC, a MEDIUM, READ TAROT and I work with SPIRIT GUIDES. I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient. This basically means, I see, hear and feel the energies that are around you. I have been trained by teachers from across Canada, North American and the UK. And, I have OVER 20 YEARS of experience working people to gain CLARITY, and provide helpful messages.

GET READY FOR A FAST PACED READING! Information comes in very quickly and I share the cards with you since many people who seek advice on their situations are also intuitive by nature. A reading, that can assist you with CLARITY around a situation, and we address your questions QUICKLY. I don’t sugarcoat, I tell you what I see and it is up to use the info to make POSITIVE changes in your life that serve YOUR HEART and YOUR PURPOSE.

I am trained as a Reiki master, Certified in Past Life Regression and a certified Hypnotherapist. I have been a Tarot reader for over 20 years, and working as a medium for even longer. People look to me to assist them with questions concerning LOVE, MONEY and BUSINESS

NOT MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS? LET’S GET CLARITY FOR YOU AND RE-DIRECT YOUR ENERGY TO ENERGIZE YOUR GOALS. I’ll give you 100% of my attention and every reading is unique and first and foremost focuses on you.

A few things to remember:
The Free Chat Room is not for answering your personal questions, we get to address your individual and most personal issues in the PRIVATE CHAT area. In PRIVATE CHAT, I FOCUS ON YOU.

FREE CHAT – allows you to get to know the psychics and find someone with whom you will feel comfortable and want to engage for a private consultation. This is a unique feature of Ornaum, and is not available anywhere else online. I enjoy spending time with clients in the free chat area as it gives YOU a chance to connect with ME and YOU get to decide if I am the one for you to consult.

I choose people randomly in Free Chat during the DEMO times, for a quick mini reading. This is not a complete reading as Oranum is not a free website. If you wish to continue the reading or ask any additional questions, click PRIVATE. I don’t pull cards or answer questions upon request. if you want a reading and you want my undivided attention, there is no need to wait for the DEMO, Just click PRIVATE to receive 100% of my attention.


Working with BROKEN HEARTS and ailing RELATIONSHIPS and helping you work through the situation and getting a clear and objective view of the energies at play.
****Is he or she gone forever or just for now?
****Do you really want him back?
****Is there someone else that your mate might be spending time with?
****Is your energy inviting a new love into your space or do we need to help you RAISE THE VIBRATIONS to bring something NEW and SPECIAL into YOUR LIFE – I can share techniques to raise YOUR vibration.

*LAW OF ATTRACTION JUST NOT WORKING FOR YOU? Let’s Review the energy in your space and those around you, as an empathic individual I spend a lot of time taping into the energies of the people I read for and those around them to obtain and idea of how the energy is functioning and if it is moving in a POSITIVE direction.

*PRACTICING MEDIUM – Connecting people to a loved one that has passed. As a practicing medium, I do this often. This is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. And, in my private practice I teach people how to connect with their spirit guides and loved ones. GETTING THE MESSAGE – has that loved one got a special message for you? We can check in and see.

How are your finances looking over the next 6 months?
What sorts of hiccups or triumphs are on your career path?
As a person with a solid business background and an entrepeneur, I approach these questions with a business sense.

I believe that a little information about the energy that surrounds us, or the direction that we are moving in assists us in creating a positive destiny. I am university educated business professional and love assisting others in evaluating the paths that lie in front of them.
As the guides and the cards what is on your Path? Is it Rainbows, Flowers, or Rocks and Rain? We can evaluate each path you are considering and take a look at what the environment is on that path?

I do not offer email readings for everyone. I am happy to offer an email reading upon request to regular clients only, when and if I find that it will be helpful for their situation.

I enjoy assisting people in contacting their Spirit Guides, making positive choices, and manifesting their dreams. Ethics and honesty have been the cornerstone of my practice. I give each client 100% when they come to me for a reading. This reading is for YOU, it is YOURS and therefore each one is unique and focused on your questions.

In my spare time, I teach courses in mediumship, learning to read the Tarot, Reiki and Hands on Healing, and Tea Leaf Reading.

To my valued clients:
Please get back to me in Free Chat and let mw know how you are doing after a private reading. We make a unique and valuable connection, and I do care about your situation when you leave the Private Chat area.

I am always honest and tell you what I see at the time of your PRIVATE READING. And, I strive to assist you in moving toward a bright, healthy and happy healthy future. I may not always tell you what you want to hear, but my I will always be truthful, and guide you toward improving your current situation. I do not sugarcoat anything, no rainbows and fairy tales. Please come with open intentions & open mind. Energy is changing all the time and we all have FREE WILL, use the information I provide to empower your free will to create a brighter tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful reading. You were really good and you really understood me. You were easy to talk too and our conversation wasnt forced. I will be back to give you an update with everything! ” … written by Angel168

  2. I had a wonderful reading with SpiritualSun and she guided me through all of my questions in a very compassionate and professional way…she seems to have a gift beyond what I had expected…I thank her for her insight and caring ways…” … written by katiedee

  3. Really enjoyed my private chat with spiritualsun! She mentioned something about wood chairs at the time it didn’t click but later that day we were given 3 antique wood chairs! I would and will recommend A+++” … written by noesamor918

  4. Very in depth reading, very very good spot on for my situation.. i will def have her do another reading as time goes on ,i would recommend her to anyone.. she is excellent” … written by valbassist2277

  5. This psychic does not waste your time or your money. She channeled lots of pertinent information in a short amount of time that I greatly appreciated. She’s better than others I’ve tried, (tried several); even at twice the price. (I hope she doesn’t overprice me in the future..) If so, I’ll just have to try her on an e-mail reading. Five (5 Stars!) — Kudos” … written by Sunshadow3

  6. Hi, thank you for such a positive advice, you always give me clarity in the situations I struggle with, thank you, hun, and God bless you, many more blessings to come, love!” … written by isis03

  7. Absolutely wonderful. Quick and concise information, all the while be spot on about everything. Amazing ability to pick up a connection and give such detailed information about a vast array of what you may want to know about. :)” … written by rufriderlu

  8. What a great price and a wonderful reader. I had a really good reading, in both areas of what I asked for….she opened up and was really warm, I felt connected with her and felt at ease, I was not afraid to be honest either, which is always the best way to be in a reading. Thank you so much, I will let you know how thing go with regards to finance and love, best wishes and much love xxxx” … written by Jade50

  9. She was GREAT! She picked up the connection while in free chat and ran with it. I just had to pull her to private to find out more. I was absolutely amazed and the quick connection and the amount of information that I was able to get in such a short amount of time.” … written by rufriderlu

  10. She is totally spot on! The BEST reader I have ever met! Do you want an honest Psychic reading and a conversation with your best friend? Then do not wait – have a Private with Spiritualsun! She is AMAZING!” … written by karinatheone

  11. Amazing reading! she helped me get the answers I really needed. Spiritualsun was very detailed and really helped to get my questions answered. I will definitely be getting her guidance again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” … written by hardworkingwoman

  12. I’ve never had a reading so precise! Times, places, everything was on point. She described an image of my sister, being on a bike flying through space, and my sister is disabled, (wheels) and slow (space). This was without me giving any information at all, and I was stunned! Iandamp;quot;m praying that the predictions come true and that things work out for the best for everyone in my situation. Thank you so much Spirtual Sun, you have an amazing gift, thanks so much for sharing it and letting your light shine! ((hugs n love!))” … written by pagirl15601

  13. I cannot tell you how much Spiritual sun helped me today concerning a personal relationship of the heart,. She was fast, accurate and so very understanding. I rate her a full 5*****(stars). I will have a reading with her again soon.” … written by hazedpurplemoon

  14. She is absolutely amazing! She knew of my situation without my telling her anything. Very accurate, spot on and her predictions are true! Best reading ever!” … written by Chloe28

  15. She was really great – was hard to hear the truth of the situation but she tapped right in, I will come back again. She was very quick andamp;amp; clear Thank you – I will keep you updated ” … written by coyoteroper

  16. She was absolutely fantastic, she left me feeling fantastic. She gave me a lot of information, and gave me something to look forward to. I will definitely be coming back to her in the future! ” … written by rachelise93

  17. She was awesome! I went into the reading feeling confused and down and left with so much clarity. She reaffirmed everything I had been feeling and wondering about and gave some solid pointers. Her energy is very positive and healing and she is very well-versed in psychometrics and connected with Spirit immediately for me.” … written by virgowaterdragon

  18. She’s so touching made me cry ; completely honest . Not trying to let me hear what I needed to hear but to the point with good reason. She is the second psychic I went to and I would recommend anyone to her. She totally touched me deep down.” … written by kath

  19. Wow! Thank you so much, she picked up so much in so little time. I know now it all is happening the way it is suppose to be happening. I feel better. :)” … written by michele1219

  20. She was so sweet to type for me as I didn’t have any speakers. she was fast too. wished i had more time, but she gave me a lot of info for the time I had. feel like I will be back when I can buy more credits :)” … written by anon

  21. SpiritualSun is wonderful. She hit so many things right on. Very good information, right on time for my life. Appreciate your insights sooo much. Many blessings to you my dear sister” … written by Shalimar77

  22. Covered a lot in a short period of time! Always positive. Have done readings w/ SpiritualSun before and she’s always on point and very guiding to talk to. ” … written by pomegrntsunrz

  23. By far the best experience I have had! She was so accurate and picked up on many things in a short amount of time. TRULY GIFTED! Has definitely put my mind at ease!” … written by smcopp89

  24. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING… connected with me in free chat so decided to take to private and WOW it was well worth it. Was so detailed from thoughts to even clothing of the person I was inquiring about. LOVED LOVED LOVED this reader!!!! Thank you so much :)” … written by angelloverose

  25. I never had a reading where a person tells me how i look, how my family members look and even my origins without asking me. told me my whole life and i don’t regret a second of this very long reading. she’s gifted, she’s real!!! ” … written by blanca84

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