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Psychic Venus108 has 15-20 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Venus108 has recently helped 10 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Venus108’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Like many psychics, my connection with spirit was forged at a very early age. I was just four years old when I began to see ‘beings’ from the other side – not that I knew where they were from, or cared, at that age. They were just people to play with. At the age of seven, my long-since-deceased grandfather began turning up in my bedroom and talking to me about the future. As I found out much later, my mother’s aunt had been a world-famous tea leaf reader in 1940s/50s in Ireland.

Like most psychics, as I got older I became uncomfortably aware of how other people viewed the world of ghosts and palm readers and spiritual healers. I began to realise that my ability to communicate with the deceased wasn’t considered by society to be ‘normal’, and therefore did what any confused young man would in my shoes: I pushed it away, buried it as deeply as I could in an attempt to lead an ordinary life.

I succeeded too, for the most part, until the day of my 26th birthday when I was stabbed through the heart in a senseless brawl. The paramedics thought they had a dead man in the back of their ambulance as they drove me to the hospital. When I not only survived this brutal wound, but also over the following few days managed to somehow heal it up on my own with no medical assistance, the doctors christened me ‘The Miracle Man’. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Despite this apparently miraculous recovery, I still wasn’t ready to embrace my connection with the spirit world. I continued to push away the messages and strange ‘knowings’ that rose intermittently in my mind – until a few years later, when my father died in my arms. As I watched his spirit rise up from his body, I felt my resistance to the spirit world dissolve away. I could no longer hide from who I was, or what I was supposed to do with my life.

At first, nothing much seemed to change on the outside. I continued to work in the city of London as a Sales and Marketing executive, but started to listen to the guidance being offered me from the other side. Before long, I found myself becoming more successful than I could ever have imagined.

Around that time, a relative of mine in Ireland was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumour. I felt compelled to fly over there to be by his bedside, and to everyone’s astonishment by the time I returned home a week later the tumour had completely vanished.

Aware of the fact that I had the ability to heal and a responsibility to use it, I began training as a Reiki healer and attained the level of Reiki Master three years later. During that time, I also began to experiment with other forms of divination. I began to do tarot readings for friends, which turned out to be shockingly accurate, and one morning I woke up and saw the lines on the palm of my hand speaking to me – an ability which I now use on other people to give them clear, detailed information on their current situation and their future path in life.

At first I enjoyed the money I was earning in the city and the help I was able to give others through Reiki, the tarot and Palmistry, but after a while I began to thirst for something more – enlightenment. So I travelled to India in search of answers.

Almost immediately after arrival, my passport and money were stolen, leaving me stranded out there. As a result, I lost my job in London – another incidence of divine intervention. What was only meant to be a short trip to India turned into a three-year odyssey that saw me set up a series of healing clinics in remote Indian villages, offering my services as a healer for free to anyone who required them. From there I travelled to the Himalayas to spend time in the company of several gurus, including the Dalai Lama, then moved on to China, Hong Kong and Thailand, setting up healing clinics wherever I went.

The next step of my physical and spiritual journey took me to the USA, where I established a psychic surgery in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. When I finally returned to the UK in 2009 – three years after I left it – I set up a healing clinic in Ireland. There I would treat between 8 and 15 people a day, using my newly honed abilities to rectify their physical ailments, pass on messages from departed loved ones, and communicate guidance from angels and other beings from the spirit world.

I now work from a South London, offering a range of spiritual services to anyone who feels drawn to contact me: tarot readings, palmistry, mediumship, psychic surgery and Reiki – all delivered in a straightforward, no-nonsense style that focuses on giving practical help and advice, not vague mysticisms.

Speak to you soon. Much love, Brian.

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  1. WOW Brian is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!! He was quick to connect and he was totally spot on with everything!!!! I highly recommend you take him pvt… I will be back for updates.” … written by marion

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